We have been talking about President’s Day so I decided to do our “Who Am I” song and let the kiddos dress up as the famous Americans on the song, Betsy Ross,Pocahontas, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  The kids love to shout out who the American is after the clues are given.  You could also add your own famous people.

  We will be offering this song for free on Feb.14 and Feb.15.

You may want to check out our other song about the office of President.  Kids love to shout out the name of the president when the part “Our president is….”  They all yell “Barrack Obama.”

After we sang both of these songs, we sang “Quality Students.”  I used the words from our song and applied it to what a quality president would be like.  Then my students wrote some great pieces on what they would be like if they were the president.

So, after we sang all of our songs and discussed what a “Quality President” would be like, it was time to write about what we learned.

I was so proud of the writing that my students did!

Just one more.  It was hard for me to choose which ones to show:)

If you do get a chance to grab our songs, we would love some nice comments about them in our store.
We are in the process of doing more songs so we would love to hear some suggestions of what concepts you would like to see covered.  Thank you for any suggestions you may have:)
We hope you enjoyed FUN FRIDAY!
Happy Valentine’s Day and have a great weekend!

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  1. We do have a song called Days of Celebration that has Martin Luther King in it. We could try one just about him. Thanks Kelly!

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