George Washington Activities

FREE Download today Feb. 21 to celebrate Fun Friday and tomorrow Sat. Feb.22. started the week with singing this song about history and then we discussed what history means.  Then we started our study of George Washington and talked about his history.

I read this book and discussed it with the class.  It is a nice short book that is on their level.  We also started this Magic Treehouse book for a read aloud:
My kiddos love these books!   The cool part of our discussion came when one of my students noticed this:

He remembered the picture from the first book I read and all the kids were like”Yeah”
So, we talked about the picture and how it is a famous painting.  I laughed when one of my students said,”Yeah, but Jack and Annie aren’t in the real one.”
My students wrote a class book about George Washington:
Here are a few pages form our book:

I had my students do a book response half way through the Magic Tree House book:

We ended our week with an awesome and easy George Washington craft:

Start with a paper plate

Fold the plate like this:

Turn it over for the white horse.

Punch a hole for the tail that will be made with white yarn.
Put the yarn through the hole and tape on the bottom.  The students will also need to make a horse’s head out of white paper and glue it on the plate.  I had my students make their own instead of giving them a pattern because it makes them all different and I love that!
Draw a face on an oval piece of manila paper.
Cut out a blue hat and glue it on the head and then glue cotton balls for the wig.  Glue him on a stick.  We used tongue depressors.  Cut out a small red rectangle to wrap around the stick for a cape.  Cut a hole in the middle of the plate for the stick to go up and down .
Of course, my students decided to add arms,rein for the horse and some added a sword.  They are just so creative!
How cute are these!  My kiddos loved making these and they love that their  horses rock!
We hope you got some great ideas today and we would love for you to share any great ideas you may have for teaching about Washington.
Thanks and Have a Great Weekend! 

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