FUN FRIDAY ACTIVITY: A Science Experiment

We worked on a science project this week.  You start with a boiled egg.

And a clear jar

And some vinegar

Submerge your boiled egg in vinegar.  And watch and record what happens for 5 days.

These students were drawing what they saw.

They thought it was pretty neat to see the bubbles all over the egg.

This guy was pointing at all the bubbles on the second day.

Checking the egg at all angles
This was the fourth day when we noticed the shell disintegrating

On the fifth day we pulled the egg out of the jar and washed it off.  The shell was completely gone and the egg felt rubbery.  The kiddos thought that was great!

Then we put our own science board together.

We made a graph of how much of the eggshell was disintegrating each day.
This was an easy and fun science experiment to do.  This was a good way to get my little guys ready to do their own projects when they are in third grade.
Hope ya’ll enjoyed this FUN FRIDAY ACTIVITY!
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