How to Make Distance Learning Fun with Boom

How do Boom Cards make Distance Learning fun?

I have been wondering, “What are Boom Cards?” I started seeing them on Pinterest and on Instagram. I didn’t really pay much attention to them because they were digital, and to be totally honest, I stayed away from digital because I was not ready to jump into digital products. Then this pandemic hit. Children had to be taught at home. Therefore, they needed digital resources. So, I decided to put on my big girl panties and learn how to create Boom cards. I wanted to help students, teachers and parents make distance learning fun, and I am so glad that I learned about them because they are awesome!

Boom Learning

Boom Learning is a platform that allows teachers to download free or paid digital activities. Boom “decks” are made up of individual, digital task cards for students to complete, and your students will love them!  They are digital, self-checking, interactive activities.  Students are shown one question at a time and get instant feedback!  Check out the video below to see an example. Students click on the speaker to hear the sight word and then click the correct sight word they hear. If they click on the wrong word, they can try again or give up and they will get a new question.


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Reasons I love Boom


1. They are FREE!

You can use Boom Cards for free by using the Fast Play option. This allows teachers to create links to send to students.

Try out our FREE deck here!

This option won’t record their answers, so you won’t be able to track student progress.  However, read about the free trial here where you can sign up to try it out! Teachers will always be able to use the Fast Play option for free even after the free trial ends.

 2.  Self-Checking

Students get instant feedback.  They don’t have to wait for me to give back their papers with their answers checked.

3.  Digital and Paperless

They can be used on any digital device, and there’s even an app available.

4. Fun and Engaging

My students love learning and practicing skills using these decks. My kids feel like they are playing games, and it makes distance learning fun!

5. Centers

Boom cards make great centers and there is no prep for them so it saves me a lot of time.

6. Assessment

I  purchased a membership, which is worth it, because I can get records on how well my students are progressing. As I am writing this post, the cost is just $25 for the year!

Click here to get your own membership

7. Previewing the Deck

I like the feature where you can preview 4 cards from any deck for free before you make a purchase.

See an example of one of our Boom Card decks here. 

8. Differentiation

This is probably my favorite thing about boom cards! I love that my students can work on whatever skill they are developmentally ready for because I can assign a deck of cards on that specific skill. Once I purchase a deck or download a free deck, it is in my library for me to assign to any student I want. I can get boom cards on every subject. This has really helped with distance learning because I can assign my students these digital task cards and they can work on them from home.

Creating Emergent Reader Boom Cards

I wanted to help our emergent readers with distance learning so I began turning our emergent readers into boom cards. Here is why they are so great for your students:

  • Each one includes real photos,  focusing on our calendar words and monthly themes.
  • There are comprehension questions
  • Brittany sings the words to a familiar tune.
  • I have also included a fun section on “phonics detectives” and “word detectives”
  • There is a journal extension activity at the end.
  • There is an optional recording of the words if students can’t read the words.

You can check out an example below and look at the preview here.

Try it out first!

You can enjoy one of our Boom Emergent Readers completely FREE and see how easy it is to build literacy foundations for your students. Just click below to try it out!


If you prefer something printable, read about our paper emergent readers here.

Email us with any questions you have. Give it a try and I think you will love Boom Learning as much as I do!

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  1. These are some great ideas for word of the day!! Thank for sharing! =)

    1. Thank you Stacy! Our kiddos had fun being silly. I think they definitely understand the word now.:)

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