Fun Friday Activity: Benjamin Franklin

How cool is this!  A few of my kiddos made Benjamin Franklin with pattern blocks.  Do ya’ll see the key?  They even included the lightning:)
These are a few of the books we used .  Then my students took their own notes. 

They copied their notes onto kite shape lined paper.
Then they glued it to the back of a kite shaped tagboard.  

The kiddos divided the front of their kites into 4 parts and drew a picture of Ben Franklin’s accomplishments in each part.  They added a real key to the string of the kite.

Here are a few samples of our finished kites.

 Lots of good writing!

 I also love their pictures!

We hope you enjoyed our Fun Friday project!

We will be involved in a Blog Hop for Teacher Appreciation on May 5.  Hope you will check that out!

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