Fun Friday: Great Egg Drop Experiment for Your Kiddos

Happy Fun Friday Teachers!

There’s a great science experiment that we would like to share with you.  We tried it with ages 4-7 and they all did a great job!  The objective is to build a container that protects an egg when dropped from a high place.  We discussed how the container has to be hard, but the surrounding material has to be soft.  We talked about how objects in motion stay in motion and the egg would then crash into the container and break.

The kids broke into groups and came up with team names.  One of the teams even added a parachute to theirs!

Here are their finished products.  2 out of 3 kiddos kept their eggs from cracking!  Team Eggies, Eggers, and…Charles ūüôā

Feel free to share your egg drop stories with us.  Our kids really enjoyed it.

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