FUN FRIDAY Activity- Sunflower/Writing and FREEBIE

We wanted to share a few sheets from our Plant Bundle.  We hope ya’ll will leave us some nice comments if ya’ll like the sheets.  Remember to check out the full bundle if you want a fun recorded Plant Song and coloring book along with lots of fun things to do, including scoot games and task cards.

This was the final thing we added to our sunflower.  We added a 3-D butterfly or bee.  You just have your kiddos tape a pipe cleaner on the back of the butterfly or bee and poke it through the paper and tape it on the back.  My students thought this was awesome!:)

Now it was time to write about what we learned.

 We are done! Yay!

 This is a great Big Book on plants.

 These are a couple of more books we read.

We are celebrating Spring Break so we are offering this 100 page bundle with a recorded song and song book that the kiddos can color and follow along with you for 50% off April 11th and 12th.  This has 2 scoot games, word sorts and read around the room cards with Quentin and fun ELA/Math Print and Go sheets that are great for morning work.

We hope you enjoyed FUN FRIDAY with the finishing touches of our sunflower activity and you will check out our new Plant Bundle of fun activities:)

We will be on Spring Break next week so we will see ya’ll for FUN FRIDAY in two weeks.  Happy Easter!

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