This is  our fearless leader(principal) She and our assistant principal dressed up for a pep rally.  Our students are getting ready to take all of their state tests next week so we wanted to encourage them.  They put on a great show called “Rock the Test”

The students came in with posters and Big letters to hold up.  I was in the group with the teachers that sang songs so I couldn’t get any pictures of our part.  But the kiddos loved it!

This is our shirts that we sell to go with our song SOL TRAIN.  If ya’ll are interested in them, just let
us know.

My kiddos love to make a train as we sing to this SOL TRAIN SONG:)

This is our fun and rocking SOL Train song that our kiddos love to sing and dance to. 

We are offering it for free Friday and Saturday May 16 and May 17.  We hope that you will enjoy singing and dancing with your kiddos.

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