FUN FRIDAY: Goods and Services





We discussed what producers and consumers  were and these are pictures of what my little producers decided to produce.  This was the first step to our project.  They had to have a plan.





The kiddos brought in recyclable products from home.  They were suppose to think about their drawings and plans and bring in things that would help them to produce their products.






Of course, robots were the favorite.






I thought she did an awesome job matching her plan!  I wouldn’t of thought about using toilet paper rolls.


Look how well this little lady produced her drawing!  She actually said that this was going to be her doll.:)



This is a wedding cake.


The last part of our project was to write about it.  My kiddos loved doing this!
This was the culminating project we did with our Goods and Services Bundle.
This is the little book that is included in the bundle.  There is also a fun and upbeat song that my kiddos love to sing and dance to.  There are print and go sheets along with a daily lesson plan and little books.  Come check it out.
Hope ya’ll enjoyed FUN FRIDAY and have an awesome holiday!

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