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This is  one of my kiddos writing her April story using words from our Word of  the Day calendar.  We have a word of the day that we write in our Calendar notebooks everyday.  The students write the word and how many syllables the word has.  They use these words to help them in writing, so these words have helped my kiddos with vocabulary development as well as writing. 
Here is another example .


I had to show ya’ll how this little guy used “traditions” in his story.  The cool part of that is the word was from our December Word of the Day Calendar.  It just thrills me to see how our kiddos are remembering the words and using them in their writing! 🙂

This is our May Calendar that is available now with words about Cinco de Mayo, Plants, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.  We have also included a pattern that the kiddos love to figure out.  There is a black and white student copy of the calendar and a list of definitions of the words.  Check it out and see how your students’ vocabulary increases and how their writing improves.
These kiddos are studying their April Calendar Words before we play our Brain Bounce Game.


I decided to tape the April Calendar Words all around the classroom and let the kiddos write their answers on the answer sheet.  We also have divided the class into two teams and let them take turns to read and answer the questions on the cards and get points for their teams.  They love to play Brain Bounce!  You could have your students do this one day and check the papers together and play Brain Bounce another day if you wanted.




I loved how some of my kiddos used their calendar notebooks to help them!



These kiddos used their copies of the April calendars to help them.


This is my awesome ELL teacher who was helping one of our ELL students with the words.  The great part of this is when she told me how well he was getting the answers to the questions.  She told me these Word of the Day Products that we use really help ELL students with vocabulary in a fun non-threatening way.  I was very happy to hear that!:)
Here is the May Brain Bounce.  We hope ya’ll will check it out.


We also have this  fun game where your kiddos find word chunks in the Words of the Day.   We just thought “Crumbs” sounded better:) My students love to find their own words or crumbs in the words. 
These are print and go sheets for your kiddos to practice the Words of the Day by cutting out the words and gluing them in the correct sentence order, writing the sentence, illustrating it and  completing a bonus question.


Well we hope that you had fun watching our kiddos do their Word of the Day Activities!
Next week we will be involved in a fun Give Away for Teacher Appreciation! Stay tuned for that!










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