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We are so thrilled to tell y’all that we have combined all of our monthly Word of the Day calendars into one large Bundle, and our Brain Bounce games into a large Bundle!  You will get a year’s worth of vocabulary in one Big Pack.  That is 366 words that your kiddos can learn!  We are offering these Bundles 20% off on Labor Day.  Just click on the pictures below to purchase.  

This is a sample of our September Calendar.  Each of the calendars has a vocabulary word on it as well as a pattern that will build each day for the kiddos to figure out.  Each student can have their own smaller black and white version of the calendar.  Also included is a teacher’s guide for the whole group calendar time, a teacher’s guide on how to use the student calendars, a definition sheet for all the words and a journal sheet for the kiddos to complete on each word.

If you want to just purchase our September Calendar to see if this is a product that you want to use in your classrooms, just click on the picture below to purchase.

 My students love to share what they write in their calendar notebooks!

 I will put the word of the day in Quality Quentin’s flippers because he is our classroom mascot and my kiddos get a kick out of seeing Quentin with the new word each day

I found a couple more of my kiddos’

journal entries of their calendar words.  I just love seeing these!

This is where my student is showing me the words she wants to use for her Calendar Story for the month of May.  I have them  choose 5 words that go together and write a story. These words help give my students confidence in their writing, so they are learning new vocabulary as well as becoming great little writers!

These are just a couple of the calendar stories at the beginning of the year.

 These last 2 samples of writing are from the end of the school year and I wanted y’all to notice how much the writing improved.  Some of my students even chose more than 5 words to use.   Wow!  I was so proud of my kiddos!!:)

 I would staple all their stories for the month into a class book.  They took turns illustrating them.  My  kiddos love to go back and reread these stories throughout the year and the good thing about that is these calendar words are always being reinforced for them.

Our Brain Bounce games are vocabulary games that are based on our Word of the Day Calendars.  They are task cards that ask questions about the vocabulary words. Also included are a teacher’s guide, Brain Bounce directions, Scoot Game Directions, recording sheet and an answer key.  My kiddos love playing these games!  I have students asking me,”Can we play again?’  right after the game is done.

These are just a few samples of the questions for the month of September.

These Brain Bounce cards are a few from February.  We try to make the cards fun for each month:)

If y’all just want to purchase Brain Bounce Cards for September, just click on the picture below:

 Sometimes I like to tape the task cards around the room for my students to complete.  I will let them clip the recording sheet on a clipboard and they love that!  I don’t know why kids just seem to love to use clipboards:)  I also let them use the student calendar from our Word of the day Calendar Sets, not included in the Brain Bounce.

 I give my kiddos time to use their calendars to study together before we play the game or use the Brain Bounce cards.

 This is one of my sweet little ESL students answering his question for the Brain Bounce Game.  My ESL teacher was helping me the day we were playing and she said,”This game and your Word of the Day calendars are so great for my ESOL students because they are being introduced to so much vocabulary in a fun way.”  Yay!  I was very pleased to hear those words!:)

We hope that you will give these Word of the Day Products a try and see how much it will help increase your student’s vocabulary as well as their writing skills.  We know we have seen so much growth in our students!:)

Remember 20% off of our entire store on Labor Day!

We hope y’all have an awesome School Year!

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