FUN FRIDAY and 50% off Five Senses Unit!

My kiddos had so much fun learning about five senses! We sang and danced to the Five Senses song, which is included in this unit. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of that. The students made these puppets with the words about that sense on the back of the puppets, so we read the back as we held up the puppets. Have your kiddos glue the stick between the two pieces that match.

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 This is the big book that I read after we sang the song.

This is one of the pages from the book. It was our favorite page because we talked about listening to the five senses song.

This student was so cute showing me this: “I have green eyes.”

The kiddos colored their own black and white books and matched their puppets to the pages.

The students put their puppets and books in a ziploc bag, so we could practice reading them every day. They loved holding up the pieces as they read the words on the back of the puppets.
Then the students used their books to complete fill in the blank sheets.

They also did this cut and paste sheet.  I used these at a center while I was calling reading groups.

We had a lot of fun doing this science experiment. The kiddos took turns pulling items out of a bag and passed it to the student beside them until all the students in the group had a chance to feel it. They loved closing their eyes and pulling an item out of the bag!:) I did this with small groups of students, and it worked out great!

I love this picture of this little guy rubbing the bear against his cheek! He said,”This is so soft!”

The students filled out a hypothesis sheet and a conclusion sheet.

We sorted the items under the correct headings.

The students also sorted tasting cards under the correct headings.

We hope y’all enjoyed reading about our Fun Five Senses Unit! Thanks for stopping by our Fun Friday!:)
Have a great weekend!

Remember the unit with all this, song and more is 50% off this Sept.26-27.

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