Fun Friday and 50% off our large Bundle of Pumpkin Fun

My kiddos had fun making this interactive pumpkin activity as they learned about the pumpkin cycle. You can do it in a science notebook of just make a pumpkin shaped activity.

Just click on the picture below and check out all the fun fall and pumpkin activities you get in this large bundle!






I gave each student a copy of the pumpkin poem to put in their poetry folder.  They used yellow highlighters to high light the rhyming words.
They always love it when I bring these out!


We also used the pocket chart cards of the poem to build it in the chart, and then I used it in a literacy center for my small groups. I loved the conversation between my kiddos as they put the cards in order. They even looked at words that started with a capital letter and discussed that those words had to go at the beginning. It was so cool when they yelled.”We did it!” when all the words were placed in the pocket chart.




They even matched words to their poems to decide where they went in the chart.

We also enjoyed this original book about how Quentin learns to share and be kind when he goes to the pumpkin patch. He is reminded of what he learned in the “Quality Student” song. This original song is also included in this bundle. My kiddos love singing and dancing to the song. They also act out the letters as they spell,”Quality.”

These are a few pages from our original book.


I gave them their own adapted version of the book for them to color and add to their book bags to practice reading. I let them use colored pencils, and they loved that!

We worked on the word family sorts in small groups as well.  There are 20 different word family sorts in this bundle.
These are some word family cards that I also had in a center to practice. You can also use the cards in a Scoot game because there is a recording sheet. I just laminated the cards and let them write on them with a dry erase marker.
This is one of the printables from the bundle that we did today. It is a dot to dot with at words and it makes a bat. They colored it black when they were finished and cut it out and glued it on a stick to make a puppet.
There are also more printables included.
We hope y’all had as much fun reading about our Fun Friday as we did sharing it with you! You can grab this fun fall bundle and get all these pumpkin activities HERE!
Have a great weekend! Check back next weekend for our Fall FREEBIE as we join some awesome teachers to bring y’all some fun activities!:)


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