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We are so thrilled to have reached over 6000 Pinterest Followers! So, it is time for a celebration:) We hope that ya’ll can use some of these bundles for your kiddos. If you want to look at all of them at one time, go to our store, and click on Bundles under Custom Categories on the left side of the page. Click on the picture above to go to the store page. We are sharing just some of the bundles that are available. 
If you want to purchase this Pumpkin Literacy Bundle, just click on the picture below.
Here are just a few items that are included in this bundle of over 80 pages. It includes our original Quality Student Song to go with the book where Quality Quentin learns about being kind.

 Click on picture below if ya’ll want to check this Halloween Math Bundle: There is a fun Fact Family Song that goes to the tune of the Adam’s Family. My kiddos love it! There are also Candy Corn Fact Family Cards included.

This Vocabulary Bundle has been great for improving vocabulary and increasing writing skills.  Click on the picture below to purchase or look at further.
Just a sample of October. There is a word on each calendar piece and a pattern that the kiddos can follow.

This is the Brain bounce Bundle that is based on all our monthly vocabulary words. Our kiddos love playing these games. Great time to get both bundles that will give you Vocabulary words and activities for the year.

 Just a few samples of game cards:

This is a fun Bundle that includes our original Quality Student song, our  original Community Helper recording that is an upbeat song that kids love to sing and dance to, puppets,books, sheets, lesson plan and more!  We also have original and upbeat songs in our Goods and Services Bundle and in our Wants and Needs Bundle.  I just love how they sing these songs when we are doing these units:)

This money bundle has a 4 week lesson plan and has a fun coin rap with little puzzles that have the words on it about each coin. There is also coin books, games, coin chart, sheets and more.

This bundle has 100 pages of Plant Fun, including our original song about plant cycle. My kiddos love to do a plant dance and sing this song. They also enjoy their own coloring book.

Our newest bundle is on the five senses. It also has a fun and rocking song, books, puppets, sheets, sorts with realistic pictures, science experiments and more.

Thanks again for all your wonderful support!

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