Thanksgiving Leftovers Giveaway and SALE!

We hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did. We had some wonderful food and we got to have time with family. As you can see Brittany is getting bigger, and that is not from too much pie:)
She is going to have my first grand baby in Feb. We are all so excited!
We have joined some great teachers to share some recipes for all those leftovers and some Black Friday sales and a chance to win a  VISA Gift Card!!:)
I found this great recipe for ya’lls left over turkey:
Wontons with Cranberry Salsa

There is a great video that tells you exactly what to do:)

We also have these featured Bundles 50% off just for Black Friday:)

This is our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle.  There is a daily word on each calendar piece that teaches your kiddos  about monthly content words.  These calendar words have really increased my student’s writing skills as well as vocabulary development. An ELL teacher commented that these words help her ELL students with monthly words in a fun way.  Just click on the picture to purchase.

These are a few samples from the November Calendar words.

This is our Brain Bounce Bundle that has task cards that ask questions about these calendar words. Our kiddos love breaking up into teams and playing it! You can also use the cards as a Scoot game, in a center or as exit cards. This is a great way to assess your students’ knowledge of the words.

This is Our Plant Bundle of 100 pages!  It has a fun and upbeat MP3 song that teaches your kiddos the plant cycle. It also has a colored book that ya’ll can use as a big book, and a black and white version that the students can color and practice reading. There are 2 math Scoot games, manipulatives and no prep ELA and Math sheets, and more!

These are a few pages from this large Bundle:

We also have our 4 week Money Unit 50% off:)

Here are our popular coin books that are included:

 I love using them in a math center!  Our kiddos love using the coins with the books:)

Here are just a few of the many pages- Over 70 pages!

And  here is ya’lls chance to win $100 or a $30 VISA Gift Card! Just in time for your Christmas shopping:)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Good luck to any of ya’ll that are out there shopping among the masses. We hope you find some awesome deals! We will probably just order stuff on Amazon:)

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4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Leftovers Giveaway and SALE!”

  1. A much more civilised way to celebrate Black Friday. A new concept in the UK and boy did we Brits go for it today.

  2. It is important to use up those leftovers and in an inspiring way thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome!
      Thanks for stopping by! We hope that you will come again!

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