12 Days of Learning and Giveaway!

Thank ya’ll again for all the awesome support this year! Here is to a great 2015! 
Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year:)
We are flying high with excitement as we share our news of reaching over 1000 TPT followers and 24,000 Pinterest followers! We want tocelebrate with ya’ll:)
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We would like to hear from ya’ll about what you would like to see 50% off as we start our 12 Days of Learning from Dec.3-Dec.15. Brittany did a great job of using some of our Christmas products to create this cute tree. Feel free to let us know if you want to see some of these products on sale or others. We have quite a few Bundles as well. Just go to our TPT store and check out our 100+ products.   Leave a comment about what you want to see go on sale:)
We will put one item on sale each day for 12 days and on the 12th day we will announce the winner of a $50 TPT Gift Card!  Just sign up using the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We would like to offer this Free poem about Christmas Around the World. Enjoy it:)

We will start tomorrow with our December Word of the Day Calendar. Your kiddos will learn about Christmas around the World as you introduce these words. Just click on the picture to purchase:)

Here is a sample of the pieces. There is also an ABB pattern for them to follow.

If you want to see how we use some of these products, just look at the CYBER SALE Blog post or go to our Pinterest Board and see all the products in one place.
Dec.4th Item 50% off: Word of the Day Bundle: All 12 months- There is a word on each calendar piece that relates to the month.

We have noticed that these calendar words have increased our students’ writing as well as vocabulary. We have been told by our ELL teacher that she noticed a confidence with her students when they used these words to write with.

This is the item 50% off  for Day 3 of 12 Days of Learning: Just click on the picture to purchase.

 These cards are a sample of what is in this fun math game.

Dec.6 -50% off
These sheets have the Christmas Around the World vocabulary from our December Word of the Day calendar.

The students cut out the tree shapes and put them in correct order.

They glue them in correct order, copy the sentence and illustrate it.

There is a bonus question that they can answer on the back of the sheets.

Dec.7- This is our entire year’s worth of Word of the Day Brain Bounce games for 50% OFF! These games have task cards that have questions about monthly vocabulary.

These are a few samples: February


This is our wonderful ELL teacher asking a question during the game. Our kiddos love to break up into teams and play this. She said that she loves our Word of the day calendars and products because they help her ELL students to learn monthly vocabulary in a fun way:)

 We also have used the cards for read around the room.

Dec.8- This concentration game has cards with Christmas Around the World words from our December Word of the Day Calendar 50% off.

 Here is a sample of the fun cards.

Dec.9-These task cards ask students to find word chunks from our Christmas Around the World words that came from our Dec. Word of the Day Calendar: 50% off.
It is fun to put little magnifying glasses in the center with them.
Here are a few pictures of my kiddos using the magnifying glasses to find their word crumbs. They loved using them in this fun center!

Dec.10-We bundled both of our Missing Numbers Scoot games for 50% off!  There are also candy manipulatives to use in a math center.   Make sure ya’ll enter the GiveAway for a TPT $50 Card.
And remember to comment on what other products ya’ll want to see 50% off for our 12 Days of Learning:) Thanks!
Dec.11-This is our popular Community Helper Bundle that was requested so we aim to please: 50% off!

 This is one of the no prep worksheets included. It is a cut and paste sheet where your kiddos match the tools to the correct helper.

 These are 5 of the 9 finger puppets.

The kiddos used the sheets in this pack to make a puppet theater for their puppets.  We played the Community Helper MP3 song that is included in this pack. The kiddos loved dancing their puppets to the song.

This is the little book that is included.

 This is what one of my creative little girls made for her puppets.

My students made this class book after they learned the Community Helper song.

Dec.12-Snowball and Snowman Scoot Games 50% off: These games keep your kiddos moving around the room as you assess their knowledge of the facts or use the cards in a center with the manipulatives that are included.

Dec.13- Our popular Coin Unit that has a 4 week lesson plan 50% off! And we added our Holiday Quest Game for 50% off!

This is couple of the games included.

 These are the little books that ya’ll can use in a center.

 My kiddos love using them with the coins.

Here are just a few of the sheets included.
There is so much more! Check it out:)
This is our fun Math game that will be great for ya’lls last week before the holidays:)
This Holiday Quality Quest game by SOL Train Learning is a great new brain game for your kiddos to practice greater than, less than, and place value. This game can be played alone, with a partner, or as a class. The kids have to look through all the cards to find the answers to their sheets. 
Remember, tomorrow- Dec.14 is the last day to enter to win the $50 TPT Card.
Thank you so much for all the support you have given us. We know this would not have happened without ya’ll!
Be sure to check back tomorrow- Dec.14 for some surprises:)

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