Cyber Sale- Dec.1 and 2

We have our entire store on sale 28% off on Dec.1 and Dec.2.  We wanted to show ya’ll our holiday items. We also have bundles which include our original MP3 songs, as well as over 100 items. We hope ya’ll find something that will be fun for your kiddos as they learn.

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Each calendar piece has a holiday word on it and an ABB pattern builds.  There is a black and white student version,definition sheet, journal sheet, teacher guide for the calendar pieces and a teacher guide for the student calendar. These words have helped to improve my student’s writing skills as well as their vocabulary.

Ya’ll can also get the entire year of Our Word of the Day calendars in one discounted bundle.

This game will assess the student’s knowledge of these calendar words. Our kiddos love to play this! You can also use cards in a center, as read around the room cards or as exit cards.

This is our bundled Word of the Day Games for the entire year.

These game cards will ask your kiddos to find word chunks in these holiday words.

These no prep sheets  help your kiddos to put sentences in order using these holiday words. Our kiddos love the tree shaped pieces. They even decorated the pieces after they did their sheets. There is also a bonus question they can answer on the back or you could do a class book on any of the questions.

These are fun math cards that have missing addends for addition and subtraction.

These task cards have fun word problems about cupcakes. Check them out:) There are manipulatives for them to use at a center.

These fun candy cards will help your kiddos practice addition, subtraction, greater than, less than and place value.

This is a fun concentration game matching holiday words and pictures.

These are some of the bundles we have on sale during the CYBER SALE:
These are the fun 9 community helpers that are included.

Our kiddos loved using these pictures to create a puppet show. They had fun singing the original MP3  song about community helpers as they danced around.

There are also no prep printables included.

 There are books that they can put in there book bags to read.

This Wants and Needs Bundle has sheets that can be used for a big book.

This is a popular unit that has a 4 week daily lesson plan and coin books that can be used in a center.

Here are just a few sheets that are in this large money unit.

Our kiddos love matching the coins to the pages in the books.

This is a fun unit that has our original MP3 song about the five senses.

It also has real pictures of things to sort.

These pages can be put together as a big book.

There is also a coloring book for the kiddos to practice reading.

There are puppets that our kiddos had so much fun doing!

 There are also printables for the kiddos to complete.

 This Plant bundle has over 100 pages in it and also has our original MP3 song about plants that our students love to dance to.

There are ELA and Math sheets to do.

There are task cards that could be used in a center or as read around room cards.

 There are word family sorts.

 There are 2 Math Scoot Games or use the cards in a center with the manipulatives that are included.

 There is a coloring book that the kiddos can use to do a fill in the blank sheet.

 And more!

This is a poem and activities for the end of the school year.

We also have many scoot games to choose from. These are just a few. You can look under Scoot Games under our Custom Categories on the left side of our store. We also have a dollar store with songs and games.

Thank ya’ll for stopping by and for all your support! We hope that you are or will follow our store by clicking on the star on our store page at the top, so you will be notified of all our new units with original songs and more scoot games are coming. We are working on more Science units too:)
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Check back on Dec.3 for our celebration of over 1000 TPT Followers:)

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