Word of the DAY and New Year SALES and FREEBIES!

Today- Jan.2 is the last day of our sale. Grab these Word of the Day products to start your New Year back at school. Just click on the picture below to check them all out or keep scrolling down this page and read all about them.:) Grab your FREEBIE at the end and we wish you the best as you start back to school!

 We were so excited to tell ya’ll about the savings you get over at Educents, including our Word of the Day Calendar Bundle! It is 67% off! Your kiddos will be introduced to a word a day on each calendar piece, as well as a math pattern that builds. There is a teacher’s guide for the whole group activities as well as the student calendars.

Just click on the picture below to purchase:

 Here are a few journal entries using our calendar words.

The students like to do a pair and share where they talk about the words.

The kiddos also enjoy sharing what they wrote. It is a great communication tool, especially for your ELL students because they are learning the language as they learn these words.

  Here are some of the writing my students have done through the year using these calendar words. The words give them confidence as well as helps them to stay on topic.

 This shows where one of my students needed some help choosing 5 calendar words to write about, so he wrote the words on top of the page. I love this idea! Kids can be so smart!

 As you can see, I used my student’s idea with other students and it helped them so much!

 This was how much the writing improved in my first grade classroom as we used these calendar words!

 I also noticed how my students started pointing out the calendar words in other places. This little girl pointed to “blizzard” in her book and said,” Look, Mrs. Beckner!, it is one of our calendar words, and now I know what this word means!” How exciting it was to see her remember one of our calendar words that we had done a few months before she read this book:) YAY!!

 We also have our store on sale 20% off Jan.1 and 2, so it would be a good time to get our other Word of the Day products that help to reinforce these monthly words.

You could also pick up the Word of the Day Brain Bounce games that go with these words:
Each card has a question about these words so you could use it as discussion cards, exit cards, as a Scoot game, read around the room cards or as our Brain Bounce game, which our kiddos love because they like to break up into teams.

Click on picture below to purchase:

We also have each Word of the Day product for the  month sold separately, so if you want to try a month to see how you like them.

This is our Quality Quest game. Your kiddos will have fun finding word chunks in these calendar words.

We added little magnifying glasses last month and our kiddos loved it! We told them that they were “word detectives”
This is the January Word Order Activities where the students cut out little snowballs with the words and manipulate them to place them in correct sentence order, glue them, copy the sentence, illustrate it and answer a bonus question. There is also a teacher guide to give ya’ll  teaching ideas.

 This bonus question was “How were you a quality student?”

We also have a fun Memory game with the calendar words on cute cards. It is only a dollar!
We also have many bundles and units that include our original MP3 songs about the subjects like, Community Helpers, Goods and Services, Wants and Needs, Plants, Five Senses, and Money.
We also have many SCOOT games, so we hope that ya’ll will check out our store and if you see things you like, please follow us so you will be notified of all our sales and promotions:)
We also love any recommendations of what you would like to see songs about or what Scoot games we could add for ya’ll.   
Grab this Blends Scoot Game if you haven’t already as a thank you for ya’lls support!
Ya’ll can also grab this fun song! It really has helped our students to behave like “quality” students:)
We are new at this blogging thing so what things would ya’ll like us to blog about? 
Thank you so much for all your support!

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