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You can click on the picture to go straight to our store.
Our entire store is on SALE Feb.25-27! Y’all can get all our products 28% off Feb.26 and 20% off Feb.27.
Below is a list of FANTASTIC products you can get at these great prices!
 Our popular Coin Unit that has a 4 week lesson plan! Click on the picture to purchase.

Here are a couple of the games included.

These are the little books that you can use in a center.
 My kiddos love using them with the coins.
Here are just a few of the sheets included.
It is a great time to purchase our large bundles!
We have just recently bundled all our economic units together. Our giant bundle includes Community Helpers, Goods and Services and Wants and Needs.  Click on the picture below to purchase.
You will get 9 community helper finger puppets.

 You will get these sheets that you can use as a matching activity; matching each community helper to the correct setting. As ya’ll can see, my kiddos used these pictures for scenery for a puppet show. They were so cute dancing with their puppets to the community helper song.

You will get little books like this.

 Another one of my students got very creative and made this to go with her puppets- I just love this!:)

 This is just one of the no prep sheets that you will get in this pack.

I had my students write a page for our class book on community helpers.

This is another little book that comes with this large bundle!

You also get pages like this. I glued it on larger paper and made a big book so my kiddos could go back and read it later. The words are from our song.

After we did our unit on goods and services, we became producers and made our own products and wrote about them. The students loved doing this!:)

We also bundled our popular Winter Scoot Games together and ya’ll can get them  on SALE!
These fun winter task cards have cute manipulatives included. There are cards that cover addition 1-10, subtraction 1-10, addition 11-20 and subtraction 11-20. Just click on the picture to check them out:) You can still purchase each separately.

This bundle has 100 pages of Plant Fun, including our original song about plant cycle. My kiddos love to do a plant dance and sing this song. They also enjoy their own coloring book.

One of our new bundles is about the five senses. It also has a fun and rocking song, books, puppets, sheets, sorts with realistic pictures, science experiments and more.

We also have fun math games. Check out this best seller! If y’all like it, we have one for St. Patrick’s Day.

 These cards are a sample of what is in this fun math game.

We also have a lot of Scoot Games to choose from. This one is very popular!
We also have scoot games for St. Patrick’s Day. We have included cute manipulatives  if you want to use these cards in a math center.

We have Word of the Day Products that will help your students with vocabulary as well as writing skills. This is a great time to get them because they are 28% off on top of the already discounted price!

 Here are a few journal entries using our calendar words.

The kiddos  enjoy sharing what they wrote. It is a great communication tool, especially for your ELL students because they are learning the language as they learn these words.

  Here are some of the writing my students have done through the year using these calendar words. The words give them confidence as well as helps them to stay on topic.

 This shows where one of my students needed some help choosing 5 calendar words to write about, so he wrote the words on top of the page. I love this idea! Kids can be so smart!

 As you can see, I used my student’s idea with other students and it helped them so much!

 This was how much the writing improved in my first grade classroom as we used these calendar words!

You could also pick up the Word of the Day Brain Bounce games that go with these words:
Each card has a question about these words so you could use it as discussion cards, exit cards, as a Scoot game, read around the room cards or as our Brain Bounce game, which our kiddos love because they like to break up into teams.
Click on picture below to purchase:

We also have each Word of the Day product for the  month sold separately, so if you want to try a month to see how you like them.

This is our Quality Quest game. Your kiddos will have fun finding word chunks in these calendar words.

We added little magnifying glasses and our kiddos loved it! We told them that they were “word detectives”
This is the March Word Order Activities where the students cut out little shamrock with the words and manipulate them to place them in correct sentence order, glue them, copy the sentence, illustrate it and answer a bonus question. There is also a teacher guide to give ya’ll  teaching ideas.
This is a sample of what a student did with our January Cut and Glue sentences.

 This bonus question was “How were you a quality student?”

We are also selling our first book thematic unit on Biscuit.
We have included a cute puppy craft with this 75 page resource! There is a 3 page teacher guide with lots of ideas! Be sure to go over and grab your free original poem  in the previews:)

This is the poem and the puppy craft that my kiddos did:)

There is so much more at our store so we hope y’all will check it out and follow our store to see all our new March activities coming and you can also follow our SOL Train Pinterest Board to see all our products and pictures of how we use them in  our classrooms. We love comments on what y’all would like to see in our store! We are working on more science units that will include our original recordings as well.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Shopping!

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