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We are so happy to be a part of TPT’s Appreciation SALE! Everything in our store is on SALE May 5-7. You won’t get the extra 10% from TPT on May 7, but we will still have everything on sale 20% off:)
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We wanted to show a few of our products that y’all could use this time of the year.
Your students will learn a lot of May Vocabulary Words with this!  My students have increased their vocabulary with these activities and they have helped my kiddos with their writing each month.  We have a Brain Bounce game, cut and paste activities, and more! 
These are a few samples of my student’s April writings using the April Calendar Words.

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/c/carljung108028.html#voZDvAJ0kx0XhSUC.99
One of my little guys remembered the word “traditions” from our December Calendar Words.  It was so exciting to see him apply this word after so many months.  He asked me if he could circle it because it was a calendar word.  Some of my kiddos will actually say “That is one of our calendar words” when they see it in a book.

Here are a few May samples. I just love what this ELL student wrote using the word of the day-culture. “Culture is where you do your own thing.” Y’all can see these calendar words have really helped to improve my student’s writing:) 

Here my kiddos are playing this Brain Bounce game as a read around the room.  They read the question and write the answer on the recording sheet.  You can also divide them into teams to play or use the cards as a center.
This is the copy of the student calendar that comes with our Word of the Day Calendars.  My students were using them to help them with Brain Bounce.  The ELL teacher said our Word of the Day Products are really helping her ELL students with learning monthly vocabulary in a fun way.
This money bundle and Monkey Money Scoot are fun ways to teach your kids about money.   The bundle has a 4 week lesson plan and has a fun coin rap with little puzzles that have the words on it about each coin. There are also coin books, games, coin chart, sheets and more.  The Monkey Money Scoot gets your kids up and moving as they “Scoot” from desk to desk, answering questions on task cards.



                            My kiddos love using the coin books in a math center with coin manipulatives.


And finally, a great way to end your year is our Busy Year Poem and Craftivity. The kiddos love making the bee and using it to recite the poem.
This is one of my kiddos buzz…. ing in my ear:)
These are only a few of the ways you can make moments count in the classroom.  Check out our store  for our many other products, and be sure to follow our store for updates on new products.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings… Carl Jung

Thank you for all you do!
Grab this FREEBIE as a Thank you! It is a fun song and writing activity.

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