A Quality Student Craft and Free Song!

We made these cute “Quality Students” after singing and learning all about what a quality student was this week.
We sang and danced to this song that teaches the kiddos all about good behavior. They also learn to spell”Quality” as they sing the song. We are offering this fun song for free!

The first thing we did was meet Quality Quentin, our class mascot and I read them his book about being a quality student.

Then we had a class meeting where we pass Quentin around the circle and each student introduced themselves and said what they remembered from the song about good behavior. They said, “My name is_________ and a quality student__________________. I was so pleased to see so many of them remember things from the song:)

The students illustrated their own books about what all the letters of “Quality” stood for.

Here are more sheets that are in the Back to School Unit. The song, books,crowns are also in this large pack. There is also fun puppets and a pocket chart poem included. We will be offering this unit that helps teach about good behavior 50% off today and tomorrow!:) Just click on the picture to purchase.

Then the kiddos made themselves as “Quality Students.” First you take a 12″x18″ and fold it so you have 8 squares.

Then cut out the first and last square on the bottom row.

Then you cut out a small triangle to make pants.

Then you fold the first and last square on the first row in the middle, and glue the two squares you cut out behind these squares to make sleeves.

Then ut out a head and glue it on the back.

Next the students will decorate them with yarn for hair or they can just draw their hair. My kiddos love the yarn! My girls also decided to make skirts.

This little guy decided to add a mustache:)
Some of them also added shoes and hands. Lastly the students wrote their name, and what made them a quality student . They had a lot of fun using their creativity!
We hope you enjoyed our activity and that your kiddos will enjoy the Quality Student song. If y’all download the song or buy the unit, we would love to know if you had success with it:)
Thank you so much!

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