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Wanted to reach out this week

and share some game ideas for your classroom. Pam and I are always looking for ways to add excitement to learning and games are a great way to accomplish this.  As our fans know, we LOVE incorporating games in the classroom.  We have several categories in our store devoted just to games including, Brain Bounce Games, Scoot Games, and Other Games!  We are all about some games ;-).  Now, you can get a subscription to our site and access vocabulary games like Brain Bounce and Memory!

The best part about incorporating games in your classroom is that kiddos are focused more on the fun than they are on the “obligation” to learn and succeed.  It takes the pressure off.  Not to mention it’s fun and easy and makes us look good when our children do succeed.

Vocabulary Connect 4

This is fun and simple and can be differentiated in many ways.  You can use vocabulary like we have in our Word of the Day products, your own spelling words, or sight words.  For older kiddos, you can use math facts, Brain Bounce cards, or other quiz bowl type cards.  Don’t have Connect 4?  No problem!  You can use these rules to add to any game that involves kids taking turns; Checkers, Chess, Tic Tac Toe.  You can add this extra piece to any game.  Just tell the kiddos if they don’t know the word, they skip their turn.  Click above to read more!


Another fun and simple way to practice English Language Arts, Math, or other skills.  Differentiation possibilities are endless!  Click the title to read more.

Hopefully that gets your kiddos off on the right foot with learning through games.  Also, these are a GREAT assessment tool.  Easy, low-pressure way to see what your kiddos know.

Here are some more fun tips:

For Math
Lego Fractions
Other Math Activities

For English Language Arts
Blends Game
Sight Word Gross Motor
Say and Stomp

There are also many other game ideas on our Kids Games Pinterest board.

Happy gaming!

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