Labor Day SALE! New Word of the Day books!

We have many teacher friends that are starting back to school next week with their kiddos so we wanted to put our store on SALE to grab those last minute resources! We have back to school activities, units with songs, scoot games and so much more:) 
This is our newest product and I have to tell y’all that I love these books! My daughter Brittany wrote them to the tune of familiar piggy back songs. I tried them for the first time this week because it was our first week back to school and my kiddos loved them! 
One buyer likes them for her ELL students:
“Great for ESOL and other students who need to strengthen vocabulary and reading skills. The real life photos are wonderful for making connections. Thank you!”
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We want y’all to try these books out so we are offering them for 50% off Sept.5!

 I made the sheet with the lyrics into a poster and laminated it so the students could see the words as we sang the song and then circle the words that come from our Word of the Day Sept. calendar.

 Then they go back to their seats and highlight the word of the day in their books.

 They also love sharing, singing and reading the books together.

These back to school books are based on words from our Sept. Calendar:

 After we do the group calendar and introduce the word of the day, the students go back to their seats and complete their calendars and their books.

 They keep them in a pocket folder so they can keep themselves organized. We will hole punch the completed Sept.calendar at the end of September so they can collect the words and be able to review them throughout the year! These words have really helped my kiddos with vocabulary as well as writing skills:)

One buyer said: “It is a great way to add fun and learning right to our calendar time! Best part is no extra work for me. It was a great purchase!”

We hope that y’all will check our store out and please let us know if you would like to see something else we can create for you:)
Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

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