Freaky Friday,November Activities $1 deal and our Fall SALE!

Well this is the last Friday in October and that means it is the last Freaky Friday! We hope y’all enjoyed these fun Fridays and that you got some great stuff! 
Today we are offering our brand new November Activities.  The cut and paste sentence order is based on our November Calendar Word of the Day words, and we have worked very hard to also include sight words. We added a typed list of the 25 sight words that are included.
Here are a few photos of our October Activities: I like how the students can manipulate the pieces so they can read the sentence to see if it is correct before they glue it. This little guy had it wrong and was able to correct it before he glued it.
Now he has it right!:) 
After they glue the sentence, they copy and illustrate it.

 Then I had the students highlight the words from the October Word of the Day Calendar.

 Last, they answered the bonus question on the back of their papers.

Here is our November Word of the Day Calendar, which is on sale!
Or y’all might want to check on our Growing November Bundle, which is also on SALE and includes all of this, as well as games and November books that are also songs! This bundle will continue to grow:)  We have all our Fall Activities on SALE!
We hope you enjoy Freaky Friday and have a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween!

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