Pumpkin Scoot for Freaky Friday!!

Yay! It is Friday in October and y’all know what that means-Freaky Friday and fun $1 deals:) We are offering our brand new Pumpkin Scoot game on missing numbers.  My kiddos need a lot of practice with sequencing numbers and this way they have fun and I have a good assessment of what they know.  We have talked about the benefits of using games in your classroom before and you can check that out here.
Just click on picture to see more or purchase:
When we play “Scoot,” I tell my kiddos to point to the correct numbers on their recording sheets so they know where to begin.

 Here are a few photos of my kiddos playing Pumpkin Scoot. Sorry we had to cover their faces because some of the expressions were really cute! They had so much fun playing this game.

 This is the recording sheet where the students write their answers. They can also use this sheet in a math center.

I use these cards in a math center with the cute pumpkin manipulatives. There is an answer sheet included if y’all want your kiddos to check their answers.

 You should definitely try this fun game while it is on sale for just a $1. If you like it, you can check out all our scoot games, including our other brand new pumpkin scoot game of missing numbers 11-20.  Just click on the link:
Don’t forget to check every Friday in Oct. for more Freaky Friday Deals!

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