Fun Fall Friday and a Freebie

This week we wanted to share a fun Thanksgiving activity with you to get your kiddos ready for the coming holiday and practice sight words.  Our Cornucopia Cards have cornucopia horns with sight words written on them.  The students use the fruit manipulatives, matching the letters to the words on the cornucopias.  She said her students had so much fun and asked if they could “play again.”  They liked it so much they thought it was a game!

Here is the teacher’s guide:

Laminate the cornucopia cards and the fruit pieces then use it as a word center.  You can also copy them in BW to use as independent work. Just place the cornucopia  cards that you want to use with the letters that you will need to build the words in the cornucopia.
   • You can also use playdough or magnetic letters to build the words that are on the cards.
   • Another fun activity is to place the fruit pieces on a surface and let the students make new words.      They can write them down on a piece of paper to see how many words they are able to create.
Pam’s students were able to use their alphabet charts, and match the letters to them.  The chart isn’t included because it belongs to the county.
Download your freebie here.  If you like this activity, check out the whole party pack.  All your Thanksgiving party needs in one download.  Click below:
Stay tuned for our Holiday Party Pack coming in Dec.  We’re very excited!! Your kiddos will love the Christmas sound boxes:)

Have an awesome weekend and holiday!

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  1. Thank you so much! We hope that you will check out the December build your sight words that we will be posting next week:)

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