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We have so much to be thankful for this year! First and foremost are  you wonderful people who have been so supportive in following us on social media, purchasing our products, and giving us such kind feedback.  Thank you!!  Thank you!!
TeachersPayTeachers has been awesome in sharing us on their Facebook page, blog, and newsletter!  To show how truly humbled, thankful, and blessed we feel, we are sharing something we are thankful for every day this week.  Also, we are giving away our really fun, BRAND NEW Thanksgiving party pack.  This handy little pack has everything you need to survive the dreaded madness of the Thanksgiving party and make it educational and enjoyable for all!  We are still in the process of creating this awesome resource, so stay tuned for more previews throughout the week.  Sign up for the giveaway below.
This pack includes our really fun Turkey Scoot.  A great math game to practice addition and subtraction to 10.
 It also includes our cornucopia cards from our Team25 sight words activity pack along with a craftivity and guide to a past and present feast.  PLUS, we are throwing in a $25 gift card because we are beyond excited about all you have done for us this year!

Pam used this center with her kiddos during reading groups today and it went great!  “They loved it and asked if they could play it again. I love that they thought they were playing a game:) First I gave out the cornucopia cards and had the students try to sound out their words.”

 Then they started to build their words with the fruit pieces.

“The students pointed to the letters and sounded out each sound as they placed the cards down. I had been working with sound boxes so the students understood what I said when I told them that we were using the fruit letters like sound boxes to help sound out words. This center really helped them to sound out the sounds.”

 “Later, I had the students match letters on our letter cards that our school system uses.”

“We will also use the letters and make our own words tomorrow:)”

Day 1: We are thankful for students and the awesome things they say.  Here are some funny quotes from a daycare in Nebraska.  I’m sure you’ve had some doozies too.  Comment below to share your laughs with us!

Day 2: We are thankful for teachers and their contributions to our success as teachers, and of course, our sanity.  Brittany personally has learned much from teachers with more experience, and cried much with teachers she relied on at work.  When the two of us worked together, we had a huge support system in our prayer group at school.  That group of ladies and a gentleman got us through some difficult times and vice versa.  Pam is so thankful for all those cohorts who have been kind enough to share their great ideas with her as well as listening to her vent about administration and offering helpful thoughts about problem students that she’s had.   What support systems are you thankful for amongst your coworkers?

Day 3:  We are thankful for veterans and the freedom they give us to live our lives and teach children.  This article is a twist on the traditional Veterans Day approach.  Not sure if we agree completely, but it does shed light on the reality that we as civilians know nothing of what these men have been through on the warfront, or sacrifice in their daily lives for that matter.  Whether or not you agree with our military, the fact that it is completely comprised of people who choose it means we don’t have a draft.  We are not pulled from our families as part of a civic duty, but are permitted to sit securely stateside, blissfully unaware of what actually goes on.  This applies to other service workers who don’t have a holiday as well: police, firemen, government agencies.  If for no other reason, thank a service worker for the sacrifice they make so that you don’t have to.

To celebrate Veterans Day, we want to offer you this FREEBIE.  If you want a lesson idea, check it out HERE. Enjoy:)

Here is one of Pam’s kiddos illustrating this fun free song:

Day 4: We are thankful for those “Aha!” moments in the classroom.  We think many teachers can agree that one of the most rewarding things about what we do is seeing the gleam in a child’s eye when they “get it.”  All of those long nights lesson planning, all the jumping around the classroom, making fools of ourselves become completely worth it in those few brief minutes as that triumphant smile spreads across a student’s face.  What have been your most rewarding “Aha” moments in the classroom?

Day 5: We are thankful for those awesome parents that show us so much support throughout the year.  Their assistance in the classroom, and investment in the lives of their children makes our jobs

so much easier and more enjoyable.

Day 6: We are thankful for our wonderful families who have shown us so much support throughout our time as teacherpreneurs.  We have gone from eagerly watching our email inbox for our first sale to being blessed with multiple followers in our store and on social media.  Our families have sat through tireless nights as we pinned, posted, crafted, and sculpted our business over the years.

Day 7: We are so thankful for you awesome followers and all the support you’ve given us.  Your loyalty and kind words keep us going every day, working to give you more resources to benefit your students.  We feel so blessed to be able to use our creative passion to influence your classrooms and aim to continue bringing you great resources.  Know that you can reach out to us anytime to provide feedback.  Your thoughts and ideas are what help us improve continuously.  Thank you again!  And for those of you that don’t win our giveaway, we would like to offer you a free product on our website.  Click HERE!

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Teachers Giveaway”

  1. Hi Pam and Brittany,
    How wonderful to be the winner of your awesome giveaway! ūüôā Thank you so much. Your "thankful" post was beautiful to read. Looking forward to your goodies. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.

  2. Thank you so much! We hope that you enjoyed your goodies:)

  3. Wow, your post is really impressive and also shows that thanksgiving is not about all presents and parties. I also gathered my loved ones at New York venues on this thanksgiving and showered them with a special treat.

    1. Thank you so much! We know how underappreciated teachers can be and want all to know they're appreciated by someone.

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