Ring in the New Year with Deals, FREEBIES and Giveaways!

We have joined up with 35 awesome teachers to help y’all ring in the New Year with some great deals and Giveaways!
Read about all the upcoming fun!


Be sure to enter to win a chance for a $50 TPT gift card!
We are also giving away $10 credit to our store and we have some fun products for your kiddos to use as they learn!
Check back each day to see what our deal is or download the promotional FREEBIE to watch for what is coming!
This calendar introduces a January word each day. There is also a black and white cut and paste calendar for the students and a teacher guide for the group calendar and student calendar! There is also 2 Teacher Guides!
Click on picture below to see more!
“What a great way to learn new words! This is a great addition to my room. I like how the kids also have a worksheet at the end for accountability on knowing the word of the day.” was said about this 
Also, this was said:
“Cute graphics – excellent choice of words! This will be used for sentence writing, definition search, matching – lots of vocab activities!”
Here are a few writing samples from my kiddos from last January. The calendar words helped them to stay on topic!

Wednesday’s Deal is Half Price Day!
We are offering our popular Money Unit. Click on the picture below to see more or purchase:
“Lots of practice activities that make learning about money meaningful!” was said about this unit
“Fabulous bundle and wonderful value! Love the variety of activities and the song!”
81 pages of fun games and activities!
I use these coin books in a math center with coin manipulatives. My kiddos love to match the coins to pictures in the books.
We also left the January Calendar on sale for $2 through New Years!
Check for all the 50% Bundles here:
Remember to enter to win a chance at a $50 TPT gift card:)
Well, we have had so much fun with y’all this week! We hope you have enjoyed it as well! We are ending this rocking week with a FREEBIE that goes with the words from our January Calendar, which is still on sale for $2 for those who missed it. Y’all can also grab the money bundle for $5!
And we have put our entire store on SALE for 20% off!
Click on picture below to see all the fun products that we offer to make learning fun! If you need something specific, like “Word of the Day” just click on the categories on the left side of our store:)
Click on the picture to grab for FREE! We hope that y’all will check out all the word of the day products that go with these words while they are on sale!
Grab more FREEBIES from my rocking friends at:
Happy New Year!

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