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We’re excited to tell y’all that TPT is having a SALE and we have placed everything in our store on SALE! 
We wanted to share our newest winter resource! This fun center features our favorite penguin, Quality Quentin! Your kiddos will love building our Team 25 snowball sight words! There is a teacher guide included. 

 This is one of my ESOL students and he was so excited to see Quality Quentin on the cards! He placed the words in  Quentin’s flipper since they were snowballs. Here he is sounding out the letters and saying the words correctly and having fun doing it:)  Win! Win!

We are so excited to share our newly revised word of the day resource! We added our Team 25 sight words to the January words. Students cut out snowball shaped words and glue them in order to make a sentence about the winter words. They also illustrate the sentence and there is a bonus question they can answer. The words that are highlighted are at the top of each page.

This kiddo has cut out his snowball words and placed them in the correct order and is ready to glue them now. I like how the students can manipulate the words and read the sentence first before it is glued.

 Then he copies and illustrates his sentence.

 Now he highlights the words that were at the top of the page. This reinforces the words that we are working on. Then he illustrates the sentence. I always love seeing the pictures!

There is also a bonus question they can do.
This great Word of the Day vocabulary game is based on winter words from our January Word of the Day calendar. It is one of our new Word of the Day Brain Bounce games to help your kiddos practice ELA skills. You can also use these word of the day cards in a word of the day center or as a Scoot game. This is a great winter activity to see how well your kiddos know their winter word of the day words.

 Our January Word of the Day Word Crumbs game is a great new brain game for your kiddos to practice looking for word chunks in January vocabulary words. This Word of the Day January game can be played alone, with a partner, or as a class. The kids have to look through all the words to find the answers for each card. I added little magnifying glasses to the center and my kiddos loved it!
This winter product is a fun, mathematical spin on the card game “War.” includes 100 winter number cards that can be used for multiple purposes around your classroom. You can use them in a center or as a winter game for your kiddos. You can get this for $2!
These fun math games will get your kiddos up and moving during those cold days that y’all are stuck inside!  There are also fun manipulatives if you want to use these cards in a math center. All the games are also sold separately.
We also have large bundles that include our original songs, math games and more!
Happy Shopping!!

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