What a Bouquet of Dandelions Really Means

“Oh crap, here comes another one,” you think as what seems like the 100th child today brings you a bundle of weeds.  She smiles wide as her innocence has blinded her to the true nature of the dirt-caked monstrosity she’s handed you.  Your very first bouquet was just so sweet.  How wonderful for a child to take the time to pick those flowers just for you.  But now, you could probably retire on the money you’d make if you had even a penny for each flower, I mean weed, you’ve been given.

It’s so easy to dismiss these.  You think, “Aww that’s sweet, but seriously, enough with the weeds.  All you’re really doing is giving the landscapers less work.”  Now, let’s pause and see what those weeds are through a child’s eyes.

It’s recess time, and I can hardly contain my excitement; not because I’m going to rush to the swings or hurry to be first in line for the slide, but because I’m going to pick flowers.  I will spend the only 20 minutes of free time I get in the day picking the most beautiful yellow flowers.  They’re not for me, or my friends, or even my parents.  They are for you.  I don’t know they’re weeds.  All I know is, they are beautiful and perfect, and I want to share them with you.  I love you so much that even though I spend every moment of every school day with you, I want to spend the few precious moments I have to myself, thinking about you and choosing a gift that is just perfect for you.

It’s difficult to remember this, especially when her bouquet of flowers is the 1000th bouquet you’ve received this year.  I know I’ve been guilty of this many times.  You forget how much that bouquet means to them, and more importantly, how much your happiness means to them.  What a precious gift from practically a stranger!  So the next time you receive that bundle of weeds, consider it a pure and wonderful gift from someone who loves you unconditionally.  You can’t help but feel blessed.  What better profession than this?

Have a blessed day,

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2 thoughts on “What a Bouquet of Dandelions Really Means”

  1. As soon as there are flowers on the playground the bouquets start arriving. I have not received any dandelions yet this year, but have received the tiny little blue and white flowers already. Thanks for the reminder to consider how precious those flowers are.

    I was most excited this week, though, to receive an Easter card from one of my students that he made in the writing center. Most things made in the writing center are made for Mom or friends, so I was very pleasantly surprised.

    1. That is so cool! It's great when your students validate your hard work.

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