George Washington Reading and Craftivity

presidents day george washington activities
Students love making this Washington craft for Presidents Day.

Presidents Day Activities

Students love learning about George Washington for Presidents Day! I begin with reading this Magic Tree house book. My students enjoy listening to me read it to them each day. Our culminating activity is a fun George Washington craft with a horse that rocks!

You can get this book here.

I love these Welcome Books about Real People because they are short and easy for my first graders to understand.

Get this book about George Washington here.

Book Responses to Revolutionary War on Wednesday

I read a chapter of the Magic Treehouse Book called Revolutionary War on Wednesday each day and my students loved it! We had some great discussions after we read each chapter. Then my students wrote about what they remembered about the book. They did a great job responding to the book!

George Washington Class Book

Another day my students wrote facts about George Washington and we created a class book. One of the kids did a very nice job illustrating the cover for us! As you can see, my first graders did a great job writing about Washington. They love pulling this book out and rereading it.

George Washington Craft

The favorite George Washington activity was the craft. I have included how we made it step by step.

1. We begin with a paper plate.

2. Then we turn it over like this for the horse.

3. Punch a hole for the tail that will be made with white yarn.

4. Put the yarn through the hole and tape on the bottom. The students will also need to make a horse’s head out of white paper and glue it on the plate. I had my students make their own instead of giving them a pattern because it makes them all different and I love that!

5. Draw a face on an oval piece of manila paper.

6. Cut out a blue hat, glue it on the head, then glue cotton balls for the wig. Glue him on a stick. We used tongue depressors. Cut out a small red rectangle to wrap around the stick for a cape, then cut a hole in the middle of the plate for the stick to go up and down .


Of course, my students decided to add arms, rein for the horse and some added a sword. They are just so creative!
How cute are these! My kiddos loved making these and they love that their horses rock!

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Emergent Readers

My students increased their reading comprehension working in this George Washington emergent reader during our study on President’s Day. We have revised them to make them more interactive.

There are empty boxes on the pages for students to practice phonetic elements in the vocabulary words we worked on. We have included a teacher guide with ideas on how to use the empty boxes. My students love the real photos and singing the words in the books.  They learned great vocabulary using the word wall cards. They are the same pictures that are in the emergent reader. They did a great job using these words to help them write about George Washington! There are also Boom Cards and worksheets in this comprehensive reading bundle. See more HERE!


Presidents Day George Washington reading resources
Students love reading about George Washington on Presidents Day.


See how my students recognized the phonetic elements in this video. 

These digital Boom cards provide great vocabulary as well as phonics and other helpful reading strategies.

Check out a few cards for free HERE.

These Boom cards are included in the Reading Comprehension Bundle.

February Literacy Bundle

Our February Literacy Bundle include both president books as well as the rest of the February books, calendar, sight words, cut and paste sheets, brain bounce game that can also be used for scoot, and memory with real photos. All these resources include teacher guides and will help your students study, define, copy, write and sing target vocabulary! We hope that you will take advantage of this discounted bundle as we know you will love these products and will experience the successes that we have! They are available for each month.  See more here.

February Literacy Resources
Students increase reading comprehension, build great vocabulary, increase phonics skills as well as writing skills using these literacy resources.


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