The Perfect Activities for Learning Five Senses


picture of five senses

Five Senses Activity Booklets

The first thing I do to introduce the five senses is sing our fun and upbeat song. Then, my students work in their five senses activity booklets.  The teacher’s guide provides so many great ideas. Grab it now . There are a number of worksheets as well.

picture of five senses book

Big Book

I made a big book with these pages so I could show the words while we sang the song in class. I also placed it in our reading corner. My students enjoy reading and singing from this big book.

picture of Five Senses Big book

Stick Puppets

Another fun activity that students love is making the five senses stick puppets. They color the pictures, cut them out and then glue a stick between one of the five senses, such as the “see with my eyes”, and the words from the booklets and song, which are on the back when they turn the picture of the eyes over. My students love singing the song with their puppets!


picture of five senses book and puppets

 Senses Sorting Cards

These senses sorting cards are perfect for your tactile learners. There are sorts for hearing, tasting, and touching, with real photos. These real photos are great for your ESL students as well as special education students.


picture of real photos for five senses

Science Experiments

There are science experiments for touch, smell and taste. The students fill out their science sheets as they conduct their experiments. My kids loved doing their science experiments!  You can tell by the smile on their faces how much they enjoyed it. It was a truly great hands-on, engaging experience from start to finish.

Make sure you read all the comments about this fun bundle HERE.  You can check it out on the TPT Blog HERE.

picture of kids doing science experiments


Have a great week!

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