5 Days of Teacher Treats

In lieu of the traditional candy or stationary, we would like to offer you our appreciation in the form of a few things we KNOW teachers need.  Tune in for a new treat each day!
Day 1: 
My kiddos decided to make some scenery to help them act out with their busy bees:)
We love to build poems in the pocket chart!

This is a sample of a student’s poem that we put in our poetry folders after we build the poem in the pocket chart. They will also have this to help them with their fill in the blank sheets.  I thought this was so cute!


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Day 2:
All our May resources are 50%off for today only, including our Daily Concept Builders™! We start our day with this calendar. There is a teacher Guide that explains how we use all these resources. Make your literacy centers fun and easy with these products!
Click on the picture to see more.

These are a few samples of the writing by students are doing at their word of the day center. They write about their concept words and their sight words every day!


These are the cut and paste sheets that the students do where they put their words in order to make a sentence about their calendar words and sight words.

Here are a couple of samples of what Pam’s kiddos did.

These are question cards about the Words of the Day. The kiddos love playing this game!

This Memory game with real photos helps the students, especially the ELL students to connect with the words.  Click on the picture below to see more.


Pam has the students start with one theme. This one is Memorial Day.

 This one is plant parts and plant needs.

These two are Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day.

These cards are frog and butterfly life cycle.

They all love this sight word center! They like putting the butterfly cycle in order. One of Pam’s students wanted to do another one when he finished his bag:) It’s so great when kiddos have fun learning!

We also have ELA books that are songs.
This is a picture of one of the students highlighting her words. These books are great for their book baskets!
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Day 3:

This money bundle and Monkey Money Scoot are fun ways to teach your kids about money.   The bundle has a 4 week lesson plan and has a fun coin rap with little puzzles that have the words on it about each coin. There are also coin books, games, coin chart, sheets and more.  The Monkey Money Scoot gets your kids up and moving as they “Scoot” from desk to desk, answering questions on task cards.

This is another of our bestsellers.  It can be played as our trademark Brain Bounce or a Scoot game!  Includes numerous math objectives for endless fun.
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Day 4:
Enjoy a number of our bestselling bundles for only $3 today!  Many have songs and lots of great activities:
Hands on experiments, original song, printables, and more!  See it NOW.
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Day 5:
Enjoy our adorable Scoot for R-Blends to get your kiddos moving in the classroom.  It’s our FREE gift to you.  Thank you for all you do!
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Have a wonderful week!

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