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We are here for our last week of July Savings!!

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Monday is Dollar Deals!!  and we are offering scoot games again today! We know how much students love to play this game!



This first scoot game will have your kiddos up and moving around while they practice their vowels. You can use these little guys to play Scoot, as task cards, or Read Around the Room.  So much versatility for only $1.  Click on the picture below to see more:


This second scoot game has fun pumpkin clock task cards that can be used in a math center. I like to add little clocks in the center for them to have as manipulatives.  Scoot is a great game to pre assess what your kiddos know or as a great review after they have practiced the skill.

Click the image below to see more!

My students love using these cute cards in a math center!

If your students love Scoot as much as our students do, then check out all our Scoot games here:

Today’s deal are products that are 50% off and we have our fun Plant Bundle on sale! This bundle has it all-Math, ELA and Science. It also has our fun and upbeat plant dance song. The students love singing and dancing to this fun song as they learn about plants! We have also included 2 scoot games and word sorts. Over 90 pages of plant fun!

Click on picture below to see more!

Check out all deals for Tuesday here: 

Wednesday’s Deals are Bundles! We know that some of you purchased our  Thematic Vocabulary Calendar Bundle last week and these Brain Bounce games reinforce the calendar words in a fun way! The students love playing these games.


Check out al of our individual Brain Bounce games on our Brain Bounce Board! Click on the picture below to see them all in one place:)


Click on the picture below to read what other teachers said about this great vocabulary resource! Remember to also check out the calendar bundle that introduces these thematic words. Make calendar time fun with introducing a word a day!

Last deals for July! We have our Goods and Services Bundle just for Thursday! Books, games, our original song that helps your students to learn about goods and services and more! We also have our Back to School Brain Bounce. Many of y’all have purchased our Candy Brain Bounce and loved it so much so we decided to create this one with more math objectives!

Click on the pictures below to see more:

We also have our entire Economics Bundle 50% off if you teach all of these units!

Check out all the $2  HERE

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Happy Saving!

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