The #1 Reason We Aren’t Giving to Charity Anymore

That’s right.  It is a new year and we have a new direction.

We no longer wish to give to charity as a part of our business model.  The reason for this is that we’ve decided as a company to live charitably! What does that mean, you ask?  Well it means that we are now contributing 10% of all profits to an organization of our choice , to benefit the lives of students and the realm of education.  We cannot tell you how blessed we feel by our business and as God has blessed us, we would like to share that with others.  So, let me tell you a little bit about our very first beneficiary…

Rise Up

This wonderful organization has inspired us through its mission to help students thrive rather than merely survive.  As they aspire to provide this in children’s lives, we aspire to provide this in classrooms nationwide.  Their Sending Kids Into Action, or SKIA program provides an after-school sanctuary for students K-5th grade.  They receive a snack, help with homework, a fun class, and a healthy dinner.  The Next Level program is for students 6th grade and older.  They enjoy the same services as SKIA with the added benefit of preparing for the next step in their lives, be that college prep, trade school, military service, etc.  Students enjoy “Passion Opportunities,” that allow them to explore extra curricular activities they might not otherwise enjoy.

These after-school programs strive to “impact the academic, social, and emotional needs of students from low income homes by providing positive relationships, tutoring, homework assistance, enrichment activities, outings, and life skill training.”  Rise Up also provides students with mentors and small groups to build relationships and character.  They foster life skills that will continue to serve students long after graduation.

Success Stories

We will be sharing some success stories from Rise Up with you throughout this giving time.  We feel very strongly that you understand where your support is being invested when you purchase one of our resources for your classroom.  Not only do we want you to be assured that each resource is of the highest quality, made with love, and designed to fully engage your learners, but also that it is contributing to something bigger.


We would love to hear from you! Let us know what you think of Rise Up.  Are there organizations you think would benefit from our support? How do you feel about this new change?  You can comment below or email us at:

Looking forward to the best year yet!


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