3 Easy Ways to Make a Real Difference

Hello wonderful teacher peeps!

We owe you a gimongous thank you.  Yes that’s how excited I am, I am making up words.  Thanks to your support in our teacherspayteachers store, we were able to contribute $200 to RiseUp this month.  I think this video sums up our sentiments:


A New Challenge

We are so thrilled to be contributing to the tremendous mentoring and after-school programs that are being provided for this community.  For the month of February, we would like to challenge you to double the amount from this month.  That means we want to raise $400 for this wonderful organization in the month of February.  Here are three ways you can make a difference:

1. Purchase quality resources from our store

We pride ourselves on providing great resources that engage even reluctant learners in the classroom.  They are designed to challenge and excite, while providing students with a lasting learning atmosphere.

2. Tell a Friend

You know that teacher you’ve been meaning to share our store with?  NOW is your chance! You have supported us so much and shared such sweet things in the comments section of our store. It’s time to share your findings with a friend.  Maybe they’ll love us so much that they will tell their friends!

3. Share Us with Your School

We do offer custom options and special values to interested schools.  We specialize in resources for English Language Learners.  If your school is looking for literacy and or math resources, contact us at info@soltrainlearning.com

We know you will “Rise up” and meet this challenge, and we can’t wait to share more with you about this initiative.  Let’s get going!!

Have a great week and a great start to February,


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