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Hello! My wind blown friends. I know March came in like a lion here with pretty strong wind gusts, no school and no power! Thank God, it was only 2 days. Of course, I was in the middle of trying to plan my 3 year old’s birthday party, so that was fun! Fortunately, the power came on just in time for the big lego birthday party. I had to share a picture. I felt like a real Pinterest mom.
If you look closely, you can see Pam and I in the upper right corner.  It was a ton of work, but definitely worth it.  I stuck to a pretty strict budget, making my own food and buying decorations from the dollar store.  Speaking of money, it is never too early to start teaching students how to count money, so we want to share some of the activities that we have found to be successful. We know this is a difficult concept for many children, so we hope these ideas will help them.

How I Teach Money Daily

Hey y’all, it’s Pam.  I use coins and teach money every day, starting with the first day of school. Students put up a coin every day. They started with a penny and add a penny every day and then on day 5, I show my students that we can change 5 pennies into a nickel, then we change 2 nickels into a dime on day 10, etc. My kiddos loved it when we put up a $1 for 100 days!

Teaching Money in Small Groups

I have found that teaching money in small groups is very successful. I give my students a board, marker, coin chart that is included in our money unit, or you can use a hundreds chart, and a bag of coins.
Let me tell you, a good time saver is to have the items I mentioned all in a gallon size freezer bag. That way you can give each student a bag with everything they need.
I will ask the students to place coins on their boards and write a line under each coin. I walk them through how to count and write the amount as they go. I also show them how they can use their number charts to help them count their money.
I also show them how they can use their coin charts to help them count their money.

Money Math Center

I use our coin books that are included in the unit in a money math center with coins for students to match the pages. This is a great center for the students and easy to set up.
 We have our fun games we use in centers and it  includes  our class mascot, Quality Quentin. The kids love seeing him on some of our products! I always tell them that we are doing quality math with Quality Quentin.
 Here are just a few sheets from this large bundle of money activities! Over 80 pages and a daily lesson plan that will last you 4 weeks! There is also a fun money rap song with a puzzle that matches the song about the coins.
“Lots of practice activities that make learning about money meaningful!”
“Fabulous bundle and wonderful value! Love the variety of activities and the song!” are just a few comments made by happy customers!
Click the image below to purchase:

Money Games

I had to also share these fun math games that could also be used in  math groups. We recently added the coin manipulatives and coin chart. Then the students can play the popular Scoot game. They love it! Read all the great comments about this game!
We just recently created these fun Money Boom Cards after we discovered what Boom Cards are. They are self-checking and great games for math centers! We love how you can also individualize with them! You can try a few cards for free, so go over and try them. Our students love them!


picture of money activities

                                                       Get all of the above activities as well as a fun and upbeat song in this money bundle at a                                                                     discounted price!


We hope that these ideas will help your kiddos with counting money.
Please comment about some of the ideas that you may have found successful when teaching money.
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Pam and Brittany

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