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 picture of sunflower craft and title is Plant Craft and Writing-Fun Free Song

Thank you to our wonderful ELL teacher Jen Posgai for sharing this fun craft with us:)

1.  First you fold a large piece of blue construction paper at the bottom so your kiddos will know where to glue tissue paper and brown construction paper for the soil.  We just had the kids tear it to give it a textured look.

2. Then you give them a stem to glue or ya’ll can just have them cut one out themselves.

3. Give them a rectangular green piece of paper the width of the blue paper and show them how to cut it to make grass. remind them not to cut all the way to the top. Next they can curl the pieces with their fingers. This makes it look more like grass. Then they will glue the grass at the top of the brown paper.

4. Give your kiddos a folded piece of green paper to make the leaves. Show them how to cut on the fold to make 2 leaves.

5. We talked about the seed’s coat and how it splits and showed them how to split a sunflower seed with their teeth so they could see the seed in the middle. They loved doing that! Then they glued the pieces at the bottom of the stem.

6. We gave the students a piece of yarn they cut into 3 pieces and glued for the roots.

This was all Day 1. You will need to let dry before moving on.

Day 2, let’s begin!

7. We gave the kiddos a folded piece of yellow and orange paper and this petal pattern to trace. They traced it two times on the folded paper. Then cut them out. This gave each student 8 orange petals and 8 yellow ones.

8. Then they glued the petals in a pattern on the stem. We gave them a black circle to glue in the middle and sunflower seeds on the black circle.

Then we labeled the parts and the needs of the plants.

Day 3,

10. This was the final thing we added to our sunflower. We added a 3-D butterfly or bee. You just have your kiddos tape a pipe cleaner on the back of the butterfly or bee and poke it through the paper and tape it on the back. My students thought this was awesome!:)

Now to write about what we learned. My students wrote about the parts of a plant and what a plant needs. They were so proud of their final project and it made an awesome hall display!

See more HERE!

life cycle of plants unit
This literacy, math and science unit is all about the life cycle of plants


For some Math and English Language Arts integration and differentiation for your plant unit, check out this awesome bundle!


Get this great resource at a discount at our brand new store!   We are so excited to share this plant bundle of activities!  Lots of ELA and Math print and go sheets,  We have included a recording of our Plant Song and our kiddos love it! It is a fun and upbeat song that teaches the plant cycle. There is a book with colored pages that has the words to it and a coloring book for your kiddos to color and follow right along with you. Your students will have so much fun as they learn about the parts of a plant and the needs of a plant.

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I pasted the color version of the plant song onto tagboard and made a big book to share with my students because they love big books! Then I gave them the black and white version to color. They keep the book in their book baskets so they can pull it out to practice reading it. I catch some of them singing the song while they are looking at the book. I just love that! The power of music in learning concepts is awesome!

This student is working on the fill-in-the-blank response sheet. My students loved coloring the book that has the words to the rocking plant song!

These are math sheets that are in this plant bundle. I love them because we included sheets that provide a review of math skills for our kiddos! They are great at math time or as a morning sheet.


Check out this great idea for Mother’s Day using plants!

Remember, if you want the song, either buy the discounted bundle or get this small free sample with the song included. 

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