Spiral Candy Math Game and a Free Graph

We had the best time using skittles for sorting and graphing.  The students were immediately engaged when they saw me bring out these little bags of skittles! I explained that we were going to do Skittle math and they started asking questions, “What are we going to do?” and making comments, “I am so excited!” They were all ready to learn and get started.

You could use M&M candy. I chose skittles so I wouldn’t have to worry about any peanut allergies and students love skittles!

I did this in a guided math group so I could observe the kids better. You could also do the activities as a whole class, especially as a special learning treat or a Halloween math activity.

I gave each student their own little bag of skittles. I love that you can buy them like that! You could also create your own baggies with skittles. This would be good if you wanted each student to have the exact number and colors of skittles.

Next, I told the students to sort their skittles into colors. I asked questions like “Do you have more orange or green?” “Do you have less purple or red?” “Do you have any colors that are equal?”

I love how this student chose to sort his skittles! He was already creating his own graph.

Then I had the kids graph their skittles. Don’t forget to grab your free graph at the bottom of this post.

Some students counted then graphed their skittles.

Other students laid their skittles directly on the graph.

We discussed how the length of the graph can show greater than, less than and equal to. Then the students used their skittles to show greater than, less than and equal to, of course, they love using markers and white boards.

We even used our skittles to create word problems.

All my students stayed engaged during their guided math group and they didn’t want to leave when it was time to change groups. They definitely had a great time learning and practicing several math concepts!

Don’t forget to grab your Graph Freebie at the bottom of this post!

Speaking of candy, we have a fun candy math game for your students to play .

If your school doesn’t allow candy, you can use the cute candy manipulatives in this game to graph or create patterns.

These little sweets are so much fun and are insanely popular year round. This has been one of our bestsellers for over a year and it’s easy to see why.

  1. Play Scoot with it
  2. Play Brain Bounce
  3. Use as task cards
  4. Fun candy manipulatives make this great for centers!



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“This will be great practice for my firsties! I love the variety of problems! Thank you!”~Fun and Games in First

“LOVE LOVE LOVE! I’m so glad I found this amazing resource in your store. You just saved me a ton of time and work.”~Heather

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