The Essential List of Leaf Activities for Math, Art, and Writing

My students loved going on a leaf walk! This is a great activity to get the extra wiggles out at this time of the year, especially if you do it a day or two after Halloween!

Books I Read Before Leaf  Walk and Activities

These are a few of the books that I read before we went on our leaf walk. We discussed how the leaves change colors in the fall and what students might see when they go out for their walk.

Fall Emergent Reader About Leaves


I also used this fall book: My students are learning numerous phonetic elements, using these books, as well as great vocabulary, and they love pulling them out of their book baskets and practicing them. I also hear them singing the song. I put the page with the words on it in their poetry notebooks, which is very helpful to them because we highlight all the fall words.

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picture of fall book

We have also created this book in Boom Cards. See More HERE!

We also created these fun Leaf Synonym Boom Cards. See More HERE!

Going On the Leaf Walk

You can see how excited my students were to collect their own leaves! I gave them a gallon sized bag to put their leaves in.

This little guy wanted to show me all the colors that were in one of his leaves.

Leaf Activities- Rubbings

I instructed my students to take their leaves out of their bags and choose a few for their leaf rubbings.

For those of you who may not have done this before, have your students place a piece of white paper over a leaf and rub over it with a crayon. My students were so cute when they said that it was like magic when they saw their leaf prints come alive!

Next, the students cut all their leaf prints out.

 Leaf Pictures

Then I instructed them to make a fall picture of all their cut out leaves. They glued the leaves on large pieces of white construction paper and drew fall pictures.

 Leaf Writing

The next day students wrote about their leaf pictures. They were told to use fall vocabulary. The leaf writing turned out great! The sticky notes are just covering up my students’ names.
They made such a nice hall display! We received many compliments on them!

Leaf Graphs

Students  also graphed leaves. I told the students to choose 10 leaves to graph. Some of the leaves were more than one color, so I just told my students to choose the color that they thought the leaf had more of. We used the graphs to discuss greater than and less than as they talked about which color leaf they had more of and which they had less of.
If you would like to read about some great STEAM leaf activities, click on the picture below.
I hope that your students will enjoy their leaf walk and these fun activities!

Please leave us feedback on how these ideas are working in your classroom.  If you have ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them!

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