The Essential List of End of the Year Books!

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Well, Weary Teachers, it is that time of the year where you think those last few days or last few weeks of school are never going to come! I think the best thing to do is to start and end your day with fun read aloud books.

I have been reading The Berenstain Bears’ books to my students and my own children for years, and now Brittany is reading them to her daughter. They are great for teaching lessons and this one is perfect for the end of the year! It tells about what the cubs have learned throughout the school year. You could read it and then have your students write about what they learned.

If you want a  poem about the end of the year as well as a fun busy bee craft to make, to of course, go along with the “busy year” your students have had, check out this End of the Year Activity.

Another favorite character is Curious George! This is a great book that encourages students as they go on their way, as well as reminds them of the accomplishments they have made. Your students will recognize some familiar pages from previous Curious George  books you have read.

Your students will love this book about the anticipation of summer and all the fun things you can do!

If you are like me and loved “First Day Jitters“, then you and your students will enjoy this book about the last few days of school. The students talk about what they will miss and the gift they want to get for Mrs. Hartwell. This would also be a great book to read and have your students create a big book on “What I Will Miss About …” Fill in with what grade you teach.

The kids love the illustrations in this next book. It is about the last day and the awards the students get. You could read it the last day of school and then give each of your students an individual award. You can get some fun ideas from this book.

This is a great book to read on the last day! You can read it and then tell your students all the things you wish for them.

This is great for the first grade teachers! Even if you don’t teach first grade, this book is still fun to read to your primary students. You can read it then ask your students what they will miss about their class.

If you teach Kindergarten, then you definitely want to read this book!  Your students will love seeing Miss Bindergarten and all the familiar animal students again as they discuss all the things they enjoyed about kindergarten.

I also love this book for Kindergarten teachers! A little girl is sad about leaving kindergarten but then she finds out that first grade will be fun too.

I love Natasha Wing’s The Night Before series! This is such a cute and funny book that is also fun to read with its clever rhymes about getting ready for summer vacation.

I hope that you enjoy reading these books to your sweet babies and hang in there! You have done a great job, so just try to enjoy these last few days or weeks of school!

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We would love for you to share other great books that you read at the end of the year. We are always looking for fun books to read!

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