Christmas Math Games and Centers

Christmas Math Games and Centers

Christmas Games

The last couple of weeks of school before winter break are always so exciting! My students find it very difficult to stay on task, so I created some fun games and centers for them to do. I like having these games and centers available during our guided math groups.

Holiday Tree Center for Missing Addends

The first center is Holiday Tree Center for Missing Addends. I have included ornament manipulatives so my students have a way to count on. This is a great way to practice. My students also love using the whiteboards and dry erase markers to do their math. These great Christmas math task cards will help your students practice addition, subtraction, and inverse relationships. The cards are color coded by fact families. These cards can also be used in a Scoot game. There is also a recording sheet and an answer sheet included.

Missing Addends Math Center

Gingerbread Scoot Bundle for Missing Numbers

This next game is Gingerbread Scoot for Missing Numbers. My students were struggling with remembering what numbers came before and after, so I created this fun game. I use the cards with the candy manipulatives in a center for practice, then we play Scoot. They love playing Scoot! There is a game for numbers up to 10 and another game for 11-20. The cards can also be taped around the room. Students can use the recording sheet on a clipboard.

Check out this fun gingerbread STEM project we did with our STEM buddies: Click here.

Gingerbread Center and Game

Christmas Math Bundle for Addition and Subtraction

Christmas Math Bundle for Addition and Subtraction are our newest Scoot games. The cards cover facts up to 10 and you can put all the cards in a center and have students find the fact families. They can create the missing facts that go with the fact families. The gift and candy cane manipulatives can be used to help add or subtract as well as to create patterns. There are 2 games included. There is one for addition and one for subtraction.

Christmas addition and Subtraction Games Math

Christmas Mouse Brain Bounce

Christmas Mouse Brain Bounce is a math spiral game because it covers multiple math objectives. It helps students practice addition, subtraction, greater than and less than, and place value. This great Christmas math game is one of our Brain Bounce math games that facilitates ELA and Math skills. You can also use these fun game cards in a holiday math center or as a Scoot game. The game could be played during your class party! Students love the cute little mouse on the math cards.

Christmas Mouse Spiral Math Game

Read about our popular Candy Brain Bounce for Math Spiral Review and grab a free math graph here.


If you would like a free holiday around the world poem or need anymore activities for this time of the year. Click here.

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