Scoot Game Sale

Scoot games sale

What is Scoot?

Scoot is a fun and engaging game that gets students up and moving. We were so excited to start creating these games once I saw how much my students loved them! They are task cards that you place on each desk and the kids move from desk to desk to solve problems quickly. They start at their own desks and when I say, “scoot” they move to the next desk. They fill in a recording sheet with their answers. It is a great way to pre-assess skills, practice skills or assess skills once they have been taught.

Read more here and sign up for a free Scoot game challenge. You can also see how I organize all these games so I can have them at my fingertips.

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We also wanted to create these task cards to be more than just games, so we added manipulatives for students to use in centers with the cards. I laminated the cards so my students could write on them with dry erase markers. We all know how much kids love those dry erase markers. Below is a picture of our popular money scoot cards. We added coin manipulatives and you can see where the kids wrote their answers right on the cards. I like to use these cards and coins in a center for practice then play the scoot game after my students practice counting money. Remember you can get this game and all of our scoot games that we have uploaded to our new store for just a $1 on Sunday-Jan. 12. It is a great opportunity to try Scoot and check out our new store.

You can read the hundreds of reviews here on our TPT store.

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This Sunday-Jan.12 is Scooting Sunday at our store and all of our scoot games will be on sale for just a $1!

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I hope that you will try Scoot. Your students will love it!


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