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We are in the TeachersPayTeachers Newsletter!

We are so excited to be featured in the TeachersPayTeachers Newsletter! They picked a great time to choose our Life Cycle of Plants bundle with spring just around the corner. This plant unit includes science, math and literacy activities that can be used in kindergarten, first grade and second grade. There are over 100 pages in this fun unit! There are also teacher guides included. See it here!

Students love singing the fun and upbeat song and coloring the growth of a plant booklet. Then they can use their booklets to help them fill out a sheet about plants. They learn plant parts and the needs of a plant.

Here are a few comments made about this very comprehensive plant bundle:

“This was a ready to use resource, with springtime and stay at home, it made learning fun and valuable for each student”

“Love! Love! Love! This unit on plants has everything you need to teach plants! My students love the plant song and the little book that goes with it! There is something for every subject and they have even included our favorite Scoot games! This is an amazing product for the price! Thanks for all your hard work and creativity!”

“Perfect resource for differentiating for students! Thank you!!”


Math Sheets

There are math sheets with the plant themes included. I love using these sheets in guided math groups. My favorite one is the cut and paste roots for subtraction facts. My students also love the garden snail and butterfly color code sheets. There is also a fraction sheet and one for money.

picture of plant math activities

Scoot Games

We have also included these fun and engaging scoot games for missing addends. If your students have never played Scoot, then this is your opportunity to try it. They love playing it and it is a great way to review or assess what they have learned. We also have cute plant manipulatives, so these task cards make great math centers! Just add white boards and dry erase markers. Read more about Scoot here!

picture of plant scoot game/math center

Literacy Sheets

The literacy sheets include great practice for short and long vowel sounds. There are word family task cards that can also be used as Scoot and leaf word sorts which make great literacy centers. We have even included our mascot Quentin the penguin on task cards. I use these cards for read around the room. The students take a card and a clipboard and find words that have the sound on the cards. They love seeing Quentin on these cards!

a picture of plant literacy activities



Check out this fun plant craft here!


Please share this great bundle with your teacher friends and leave us a comment below so we know how we are doing!


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    Congrats on being featured in the newsletter! Excellent activities!

  2. Thanks for these ideas! We’re starting our plant theme lessons this month!!

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