Step by Step Literacy for Your Distance Learner

I am amazed!

This is the first time I’ve really spent focus and energy on using our resources with my own daughter. As a music teacher, our resources don’t always fit into my classroom, but now that I’m home with my little girl, this little book has proven the perfect tool for my reading arsenal.

I couldn’t find anything for her to read

Even the easy read books were too tricky for her and I didn’t want to frustrate her more. Then I remembered our books! She chose Real and Make Believe from our store and we spent the next HOUR engaged in her book!

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a picture of little boy pretending to flyHere’s what we covered:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Number sequencing
  • Music
  • Phonemic awareness
  • Word decoding
  • Context clues
  • Vocabulary
    • Title
    • Author
    • Cover
    • Real and Make Believe words

Step 1: Printing

We printed ours front to back, but you can print it regularly and attach the pages together. I began with folding the pages and asking her to cut along the folds. This was great for her fine motor skills.

Step 2:Sequencing

Once all the pages are cut out, have your student find the cover page. The cover page is the one with the title and author on it.

Page 1 goes on the back of the cover page and page 2 goes next to it like this:

Have your student find each page in order by looking for the page number

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Step 3: Word find

I did this step after introducing the book and song, but I think it’s better to help you see what your child already knows. Start with the first “special word” on page 2. Have your student find that word everywhere in the song on the lyric page.

Have your student circle all the “special words” throughout the book. The silver pencil my little friend chose isn’t showing up very well on the paper!

Finally, have your student highlight all non-special words that he or she recognizes. You may want to do the highlighting to keep it neat enough to read. Words that your student knows are any words that they see and immediately recognize. If they have to take time to sound it out, they don’t know it.

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After all words have been highlighted, have your student read all circled and highlighted words while you read the words in between.

Step 4: Reading

Read the story or sing the song or both. I did this with little one three times and my daughter was able to read the first 4 pages! I switched steps 3 and 4 where I did reading then word find. You are welcome to try this in order to get similar results.

My daughter already knows her alphabet, beginning sounds, and recognizes some word chunks. Leap Frog has been our best friend! Her grandparents got her this mega pack of 10 learning DVDs and she loves them! There is also math included in them. They are a great learning tool!

Download a free emergent reader about reading and try it out.

Just for fun!

This is what she decided to do with her lyric page after we finished the book. She colored the castle, characters, and pasted them to popsicle sticks!

We are working hard to make all of our emergent readers digital to help with Distance Learning! Read more about Boom here and grab a free digital reader!


Check out Day 2.  I am so excited to share with you!! If you have any ideas of your own, please share or leave us a comment about these readers when you try one!

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Happy learning!

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