Sun, Sand and Savings Sale and Giveaways

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Sun, Sand and Savings Sale

We are so excited to be participating in this popular Sun, Sand and Savings sale June 22-July 18!  We are  joining this group of awesome teachers  to bring you great resources and giveaways. We know it has been a crazy school year and we hope and pray that this year will be better. We want to help you by providing fun and engaging resources for your students. It is always motivating to start the year with new products.



Every Monday during this sale we will be providing teaching resources for Pre-K-2 grades for a $1.  We will add our new products that will be available along with the link here under the picture below.


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July 13- We have our fun and engaging Puppy Scoot game for Missing Numbers for you today! . The task cards can be laminated used in a math center with the manipulatives as well.

Our second product is First Day Back to School Book . The story is about a penguin named Quentin that is afraid to go to school and his mom teaches him a Quality Student song, which is also included in this pack as well as cute penguin puppets . See the motions to the song and puppets  here.

Check out our dollar deals as well as some other surprise deals here!

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See all the $1 deals for today here!


Every Tuesday we will provide products that will only be $2 each. We will add our images and information about our offerings under the picture below.


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July 14-  $2 Deals:

We have our Five Senses Activity Pack which includes our fun and original song, puppets, science experiments,  sorts and more!

Read more about it here!

We also have Quentin’s Word Problem Task cards which include a pond and fish manipulatives to help with the adding and subtracting.


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Grab both deals here.

See some more surprise deals!


See all the $2 deals here!


We have a new category this year that will really help your distance learning. That is digital deals! Every Wednesday we will be providing digital products that will make your teaching lives easier. Brittany and I are very busy creating Boom Cards and already have quite a few to choose from. In fact, we would love for you to shoot us an email at and let us know what you would like us to choose for the sales. You can actually do that for any of these dollar deals and we will do our best to pick as many choices as we can.

You can read about the reasons we love Boom Cards here.

We will need you to stay at $5 or less for Mondays and Wednesdays and $8 or less for Tuesdays.


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July 15 Digital Deals:


We have our Subtraction to 10 Boom Cards  and Puppy Missing Numbers Boom Cards on sale for a $1 each.  They are self-checking and great for distance learning! We have included a teacher guide and manipulatives, so they make great math centers as well!  Check them out here. 

See all the digital deals here!


Sun, Sand and Savings would not be the popular event it has become without these amazing giveaways! Each Thursday and Friday we will be giving away gift cards that will definitely make your lives easier. Be sure to check each Thursday to grab the new link to the new giveaway to enter!

Our last giveaway is Thursday and Friday on July 16 and 17. We will be giving away 2 $75 Target gift cards! Enter here!



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Daily Links and Resources

We hope that you enjoyed Sun, Sand and Savings Month! See Ya next year and be sure to watch out for Freaky Friday in the month of October! Join our newsletter and you will be notified of all the sales and giveaways as well as teacher tips and free resources!

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