A New Approach to Presidents Day


I decided to take a new approach to teaching about events like Presidents Day. I have found that my young students really enjoy thematic teaching so I created some new resources that were fun and engaging for them. I started with my morning meeting and continued it into reading.


Vocabulary Calendar

I begin teaching my students vocabulary about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington using this vocabulary calendar. I like to show students the words for the week, and then discuss each word for the day at calendar time. I also use this time to clap syllables, discuss the meanings of the words and help students discover word parts that help them sound out words. They also love seeing and highlighting these words in our emergent readers.

Presidents Day Boom Reader

A great way I found that helped to increase my students’ reading comprehension and teach social studies was using these Boom Readers. They have real photos that help children, especially my SPED and ESL students to make connections. They can listen to thee audio by clicking on the speaker icon. They can also practice reading the cards if they don’t click on the speaker. I love using these Boom cards because I can teach with them on a smartboard or use them in centers for my students to read on their own. There are also questions , finding words, and practicing phonics in this deck. I also love them because the kids love them!

Read more about why I love Boom Cards HERE.


Try out a few cards for free HERE.


Presidents Day Vocabulary Boom Cards

These Presidents Day Vocabulary Boom cards are great for developing vocabulary! My students benefit from seeing the real photos of the words and hearing the definitions of the words. I like using these cards in centers as a followup to the Washington and Lincoln Readers. There are also cards that help them with syllables, phonics and finding words in sentences. They love dragging the pointer to the correct answers. These digital task cards are also great because they are self-checking and paperless.

Try out a few cards for free HERE.


You can get our Washington Bundle Here.
You can get our Lincoln Bundle Here.


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Enjoy Presidents Day!








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