How to Make the End of the Year Fun while still learning!

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End of the Year Reading Comprehension

It is the end of the year and my students are definitely ready for this year to end! It has been a difficult year with COVID, virtual learning ,wearing masks and social distancing but we did it! So, now I want to make the last weeks fun for them as well as keep them engaged and learning.  We discovered Boom cards this year and they are great for distance learning as well as for centers! I also like how I can individualize instruction for my students. Read more about Boom HERE.


These Boom cards are about the end of the year and graduation. They include audio and real photos. They are self-checking and paperless. We also have a paper emergent reader that can be used to teach phonics. We have included a teacher’s guide with ideas. The words can also be sung to a familiar tune. The kids love singing the song. I also like giving them the sheet with all the words for them to illustrate and put in their poetry notebooks.

End of the Year Vocabulary

I have found that vocabulary is a very important element for reading comprehension. Boom cards have helped to make learning vocabulary fun! We have a Boom deck that introduces the words and students learn the meanings, word parts and how the words are used in sentences. They love the real photos and learn so much about the words. Try aa few cards for FREE HERE!

End of the Year Activities

Another way I make the end of the year fun is by doing these engaging  end of the year activities.  These end of the year activities include a pocket chart poem about how busy the year has been with the rhyming words in red print. Students enjoy building the poem in the pocket chart. They also need fun crafts to keep them busy at the end of the year so they make this bee and recite the poem with their bees. This is a great time for me to discuss the school year with my class.

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Another fun activity they enjoy is building sight words with these bee shaped letters. It is also fun keeping the bee theme. My students also use the letters to build their own words and write them on white boards.

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End of the Year Math Games

I just love using games in the classroom and these end of the year math games are great for these last weeks of school! They cover multiple math skills. This first game is Math Review Brain Bounce game. It is a fun way to review math skills.  My students love playing this game in teams. It can also be used as a Scoot game.      


The second math game is a Boom deck that is a color by code. My students enjoy watching the bee picture get colored as they solve their math problems. It is a great way to review math skills or use it as an assessment.

Try a few cards for FREE HERE!


We have included all of these resources in one discounted bundle that will help your students enjoy their last weeks of school!


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