How to use the Book Biscuit to Teach Verbs


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Children’s Books

This Biscuit book is great for teaching about verbs! I just love children’s books, don’t you? And I love to read them to my students!  My students really enjoy it when I use different voices for the different characters. They would listen to me read “The Pigeon and the Hotdog.” everyday. They just love it when I use a little squeaky voice for the chick.


I also love to encourage my students to read to each other. It is great to observe them reading out loud. These students also love to sing the words in these content area books.

picture of kids reading

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Our Favorite Character

One of our favorite characters is “Biscuit.” The books are all about this cute puppy.  My students comment on how cute Biscuit is and they like how they can read the books themselves. Since my students loved Biscuit so much, we thought it would be fun to use the book to teach about verbs.

We created this 75 page unit with many activities that kept our students engaged with learning. We created cards that show Biscuit doing all types of actions, like eating, jumping, standing, etc…

Get your students up and moving by letting them choose a card for the class to act out. They will understand verbs in no time at all and will have fun learning! Then they can do the Verb center and complete the worksheet on verbs for an assessment.

These are cards that the kiddos match the verbs to the pictures of the puppies. There is also a recording sheet if you want them to record their answers. We  included the words without -ing if your students are not ready for -ing words. There is also black and white cards with the answers for the students  to match them or use the cards to read the words.
teaching verbs with the book Biscuit
Students love writing verbs with these Biscuit task cards.

Puppy Craft

Students love making this puppy craft! I thought it was funny how this little guy put his google eyes on the face before he cut the pieces out. Kids love the google eyes!


Y’all can use brads to make the parts movable. My kiddos were walking their puppies around and saying “woof” as they moved the heads up and down:)

My students did a nice job writing about their puppies and it made a nice display for the hall. I copied our Pup poem, that is included and I put it on big paper and placed the puppies around it. This was also a good time for me to teach about adjectives because I asked my students to use good adjectives to describe the puppies they made.

There are pocket chart cards of our poem in the this unit as well. It is a great center to use during your Guided Reading Time.



We have a fun game called “Woof” that is included in this pack. The words from the book “Biscuit” are on bone shapes and the kiddos loved playing it! One of my little girls asked me if they could play it when they finished their work. I love when they want to play games that teach vocabulary:)




Biscuit Literacy Pack

There are more activities included in this Biscuit Literacy Pack and you can check out comments like:

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“We had a blast with this. Really motivated some of my struggling readers”

“The Biscuit stories are among the favorites in my class. This item has so many appropriate and differentiated activities to extend the story. Great job!”

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Biscuit Boom Cards

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