Math With Monsters

Enjoy these math games for 1st grade classroom.

Math With Monsters

Who doesn’t love monsters? Especially around this time of year. But the spooky season isn’t the only time you can enjoy these furry, colorful friends. A great time to use monsters is in your games for math class. In fact, we have some really fun math games for you to try with your Kinder and 1st graders that will keep them moving and learning!


Monster Math Game-Brain Bounce

Brain Bounce is an amazing quiz game that students love to play! We have provided the directions below.  We have made it easier with our Boom cards or Scoot task cards. Here’s how to play:

  • Explain the name Brain Bounce by telling students that we will be taking turns bouncing questions from one team to another.
  • Divide the class into two teams. Let them pick out team names.
  • Have each team form a line.
  • Begin the game by displaying the Boom card on a SMARTboard or other projecting device.
  • If you are using the Scoot task cards, place the first card in front of the first student on a desk.
  • The student in the front of line 1 tries to give the correct answer, and if they answer correctly their team receives a point.
  • It’s easiest to write the two teams down on a white board and use tally marks.
  • If the answer is incorrect, the other team can earn an extra point by trying to answer the question.
  • Game continues until all the cards are read.

Monster Math Game-Around the World

This is a strong addition to your games for math class. Around the World is a highly motivational game that provides lots of movement for your students. Here’s how to play:

  • The game is played by 2 students at a time.
  • To encourage teamwork, you can also have them form teams.
  • Before the game starts, explain to your students how they will be traveling from one desk to another. Show them the path you want them to take, like a live board game.
  • To begin, tell students that this is a speedy game and they must answer as quickly as possible.
  • Display the Boom card on the board and the first student to answer correctly moves to the next desk.
  • If using task cards, hold up a card to both students at once.
  • The student who moves to the most desks wins.
  • If you play as teams, then you will have to keep a tally on how many desks each student traveled to. I keep a running tally on the whiteboard under each team’s name, so that it is easier to score.
  • The game is over when every student has had a turn.

If you’re looking to try these games for number sequencing, we have some amazing sets for you in our Teacherspayteachers store.

Add this to math games for 1st Grade Classroom:

When you’re finished playing our fun Brain Bounce game, use these nifty little cards in a center with our included candy manipulatives! Our missing numbers resources are perfect for a math skills review of number sequencing.

Scoot is an exciting game that gets children up and moving. They walk around the room as they fill in their recording sheets. These task cards with the included candy manipulatives also make great centers! Just laminate the cards and students can use dry erase markers to write the answers on the cards or fill in recording sheets.

Get a Free Scoot Game with a 5 Day Challenge of Activities

Monster Math Games

There are 3 monster game math resources in this Scoot bundle.

  • One for missing numbers 0-10
  • One for missing numbers 10-20
  • One monster math game for numbers 20-30.
  • We have also included guides for 5 different games you can play with these cards as well as candy manipulatives, ten frames sheet, addition and subtraction sheets. There are recording sheets and answer keys.

Are you super attached to your SMARTboard or other projecting device?? Me too! Our Boom bundle is an amazing option to play Brain Bounce virtually. Get 3 math with monsters games in this Boom Bundle at a discount! They include 3 Boom decks starting with missing numbers number sequencing

  • 0-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-30
  • These games are great for individualizing your instruction. You can use these handy Boom cards in centers for easy data tracking as well! You can do a math skills review with missing numbers 0-30math with monsters


Try them out for FREE!

Our monster math games are digital Boom cards that include cute monsters and candy theme. Kids love monsters and candy, and they play math games online with a desktop, ipad or iphone. They are self-checking, so that makes them great for distance learning, as centers or homework. Students take turns dragging the correct numbers to candy pieces in our math with monsters games.

Monster Math Game-Basketball

This is great for your students who are really into sports. They can learn and play basketball at the same time! Here’s how to play:

  • Divide the class into two teams. Let them pick out team names.
  • Have each team form a line.
  • Begin by displaying the Boom card on a projecting device.
  • Each student writes their answer on a whiteboard and shows it.
  • Correct answers get to shoot for a point.
  • The team with the most points wins!

Materials you will need:

These are just a few of the games we offer with all of our Boom and Scoot resources. Each resource has directions to multiple games for math class, manipulatives, bonus center sheets and MORE! Want it all? Bundle and save all of our math with monsters resources below:

math with monsters

  • and BONUS…you have access to our Uncover the Pictures game that reviews all three sets in one game. Students love finding the monsters and sweet treats as they review missing numbers 1-30. There are 2 fun monster pictures to uncover!

Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Scoot Game!

Want some more monster fun with sight words? Read here!


Have a monstrously great day!

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